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  • pmlljl pmlljl Feb 17, 2005 7:34 PM Flag

    Flexsteel message board

    Mike Portz: Aha, the message board for Falcon. What a great place to discuss FLEXSTEEL. No I don't know Fred Melloy (I am assuming you spelled his name correctly). And I don't need or expect to know him. I am an investor, not an employee. It seems as if you think these boards are only for disgruntled employees.

    You know Mike, if you didn't spend so much time writing stupid, rude messages on these boards and actually did some work, maybe your company wouldn't be BANKRUPT!

    And another thing, you'll notice that I only write to you. I did politely ask that the Falcon people please leave the FLXS board. Other Falcon people ignored me but you were the only one who attacked me personally with rude insults and lies. You have a terrible, arrogant, insufferable personality. Beside that, you are a JERK.

    Now then back to our discussion about the investment merits of Flexsteel as compared to Falcon. Lets see Flexsteel has a dividend yield of over three per-cent and sells for about book value. The price earnings ratio is about ten. Falcon, on the other hand is BANKRUPT! From an investors point of view (that would be me) this is a Mike Portz decision. That is, its a NO-BRAINER.

    Now then a few corrections. You wrote personnel net worths. It should be personal.
    Also it is pseudo, not psudo.

    Mikey, I think I could get a lot of seconds from the people you work with if they weren't afraid of you beating them up. Lets change the game. Let me ask the other employees of Falcon who read this board to write messages extolling your charming personality and friendly aura?

    Love ya Mike, you are irrepressible. Look it up in the dictionary. I am assuming you know what a dictionary is.

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    • Hey post menstrual,

      It's great to really get to you. I must admit I can't figure out if your just plain stupid or 100 persent total cowsh_t. I'd guess somewhere in the middle.

      If your an investor I hope you have deep pockets. Without question your inheritence will soon be gone. One of the stupidist statements written on any board is your statement that "fcp went bankrupt because of Mike Portz's postings". I guess this is how you make all of your decisions for where you invest. Like I said , a combination of stupid and totally full of cow cocca.

      You say I lie about you. Ha! Ha! Ha! I've only responded to the information you have posted. You have a selective and conveinant memory. Either that or your just plain in denial. With all of your free time you ought to check out your previous post.

      I was an investor in Shelby Williams untill five years ago. That's when jacobs/falcon bought them for a ridiculous price. I've stated this a couple of times time on the Flex board. I don't nor have ever worked for fcp. How many times do I have to tell you. I own my own procurement company and have been in the interior design business over 20 years. By the way if your such a sharp investor you could have made alot more buying fcp short. Alot more then the ratio you stated in your latest idiocy. I guess all the sharp brokers or putting their money in Flexsteel. You can tell by the number of post on their board.

      Refer to your original post requesting we leave the Flex board. You wern't so polite. Also why would you request we leave? Give us a good reason moron. You never stated one. In fact you are factual on nothing. To not share that seldom used board is stingy, self-centered and controlling. If I'm wrong give us the reasons you asked us to leave. I asked you many times. You conveinently refuse to awnser any of my questions other then this one. And you lied in your awnser.

      Talk about "stupid, rude messages". Don't you feel like a hypocrite.

      You must love my post other wise you would have hit "ignore this user" like I suggested long ago. I guess you keep replying because your a mashochist. By the way I had hit the button on you, and will again, but in my abscense my significant other mistakenly took off all the people I had on ignore.

      Your request was not ignored by others. However I am the one who rings your bell by stating the truth. I think it's pretty obvious.

      Talk about arrogant. What do you think your original request was. Add poupous, self-centered, stingy, controlling, a desire for power that you've never had. About sums it up.

      Thank you for the only thing I've noticed your good at. Spell checking. I wish I had the time you do. However I'm glad I've always had someone to take dictation or correct what I hand wrote. My time has always been valuable. You know I didn't even have to type for 36 years. That was 2 years ago. I'm back up to over 60 with spellcheck. Thank God we have computers and people with skills (or lack of) such as yourself to do that for me. I do reckon and have acknowledged my spelling is terrible. I guess I'm out of practice.

      By the way you've asked fcp posters to critisize me before. Not to long ago. Altough there are several who don't like me, I don't think they like you alot either.

      Read you posts, not the spelling. You really have nothing to say about anything that is worthwhile. If you do, refer us/me to the message number.

      Mike Portz

      (702) 362-9191

      If your just an investor and not employed by anyone on any of the boards, why do you use an alias? Ashamed?

      Also I asked you to call or email me so we could stop wasting others time. It must be terrible to live in fear.

      Now this is an order moron. Spellcheck this message.

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      • Mike (potty-mouth) Portz: Your spellcheck isn't working well. This message contained 100 present (percent), conveniant (convenient), wern't (weren't) awnser (answer), abscense. Are you sure you turned your spellcheck on? If you can't remember to turn your spellcheck on, would you please have one of your many personal executive secretaries check your writings?

        I didn't realize that you were a very successful entrepreuner in the interior decorating business. That makes me wonder about your gender orientation, but that is your business.

        You must be a brilliant investor Mike. Can you share with me any of your other brilliant investments?

        For your information, I made well over $100,000 in dividends and capital gains investing in FLXS. And I have made millions investing in stocks in general. Accordingly I don't have a traditional job and I don't get a paycheck. Therefore I am available 24 hours a day seven days a week to write to you. I hope you can take the time from your business to keep up the correspondence. I would hate to see your business end up like Falcon.

        Oh yes, at the end of day one, I have seen no testamonials about what a sweet, wonderful charming man you are.

        Please readers write me with your endorsements of potty-mouth's personality.

    • Ms. Moron,

      Almost forgot, a big thanks for telling me you didn't know Fred Melloy. I asked that question to "boxcarr" on the Flex board". NOT YOU. Are you really this stupid or is your brain frying on one of the drugs I use to take? Maybe booze. "Take another shot of courage".

      You are truly the definition of the word saprogenic. Bet you'll need to check it out in the dictionary. I'm assuming you can remember where you put yours. I think you might wanna check your as_hole. It's (the dictionary) right next to your brain. I figured you'd forget.

      You are now going on "ignore this moron". That way if you reply I will not be massaging your mashochistic tendencies. Find another way to "get-off".

      You definetly need a check up from the neck up. Pray for brain transplants in your lifetime. That is if you don't find "ignorance to be bliss". Hell it could be your salvation. You'll never know!

      Your superior,