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  • watching12004 watching12004 Feb 19, 2005 10:56 PM Flag


    Why are you people so hateful to Desiree? What has she done to make people insult her the way they do on this message board?

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    • Are we reading the same board? I havn't seen anybody disrespect her in a month or so. Why don't you address the question to those who disrespected her. There really wern't that many people to my reccolection. For sure Clearcutcrystal was the most disrespectful. Why don't you ask her, or if you work for Shelby maybe try asking your coworkers.

      I'm curious as to why it's so interesting. Are you a close or not so close friend? You know if memory serves your the person who has complained in the past about peope bashing each other on this line. It seems like your trying to stir something up. Am I correct. What is your intend. It seems your doing just what you've complained about in the past.

      Hope my message doesn't offend you but I think after what you've posted in the past, it deserves an honest reply. I feel we are all responsible for what we post.

      Shooting Straight,
      The Stackman