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  • pmlljl pmlljl Feb 21, 2005 8:09 PM Flag

    Support for Mikey

    Another day has passed and there are no messages saying what a great guy Mikey is.

    To date the grand total of messages in support of Mr. Portz is ZERO!

    Are your friends and supporters all on vacation Mike?

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    • PM: He has us all on ignore....remember???? He dosen't have the least interest in what we all say or do - for or against him. His only interest is in the good Shelby people. You heard it first from him!! I'm a believer, aren't you????? He's just a kindly soul who is concerned for the well being of others, and wouldn't swat a gnat.

      If you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Nevada I'll sell you..... In fact, I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas in April. I'll try and look Mikey up.... you know, shake his hand and all.....

      • 2 Replies to cancersickness05
      • michael jacobs, alias breyn01,05, falcongirl, bigraideral, buffetisking2, trishtoearth, etc and now cancersickness05, is back. Unbelievable! After all the shame of his being wrong about everything he posted on this board, after the shame of his father and he becoming the biggest lossers and laughinstocks in the history of the hospitality and commercial furnishings industry, he comes back to provide further embarrassment to both his father and himself on this board and also the FLXS board. I reckon it's his mascohistic tendencies, moronic thinking and continued desire to be put in his place by myself. Of course he has also been rediculed by a vast majority of posters on this board. We all know he more then deserves it for his idiotic, vulgar, dishonest, cowardly, redundant and boring posts.

        Last night I again called the phone number he left on this and the FLEX board. I left my third message. A man called me back on my cell. I spoke with a very nice man named Jerry S. Jerry had no clue as to what I was talking about in regards to postings on the FLEX and fcp boards. Fact is he doesn't even own a computer, although he does have one at work. I explained to Jerry about his phone number and the rude postings under the name cancersickness05 left on the Yahoo! boards. He couldn't believe it. We both speculated that someone had taken his phone number and first name from the phone book and was using it. Jerry occasionally comes to Las Vegas and on his next visit he will be calling me. We plan to have dinner.

        He also plans to get a hold of YAHOO! and his attorney to see if he can pursue charges of idenity theft, criminally or civil, against cancersickness/michael. We agreed that chances were remote but Jerry though it might be worth trying.

        When I got off the phone I started thinking about what kind of sick person would get off on this kind of humor. It didn't take long to figure michael as the culprit, the first canidate and the only person I know who could be so moronic.

        I then took cancersickness off my "ignore this usere" filter and read his most recent post. I noticed that this idenity had started gay bashing and using the same redundant adjectives and phrases michael had used to slander and debase mostly myself, but also several other posters to this board.

        It really doesn't matter that he's back posting for as we all know he is really just a former rich kid who's daddy has supported him and basically left him with zero skills. Everyone knows the road for michael goes nowhere but downhill from here on. He will be even more of a nobody going nowhere for the money will soon be gone. Most of it already is.

        It is good to know that I torment and get under the skin of this zero so badly. He really deserves all the grief and bad times he is getting. It's also great to know that his evil mentor/daddy will die knowing his son is going nowhere. An ex Shelby employee, who has a contact in frankie the fool's office recently told me that even frank has distanced himself even further from michael. My friend says that evidently it had a lot to do with his moronic and demented postings on this board.

        So michael you lose again, and again and again. It is your legacy from your sh_t of a person father. You know the guy who has always giving you money and titles that keep you far from him. Europe, Los Angeles, etc. and finally China. You failed drastically everywhere you go.

        I own your thoughts and have demolihed your ego. You are still obsessed with me and the truth I have stated. Your living in your own personall hell that will get worse and worse. It will be great to read the obituarys for you and you daddy/mentor,

        You are going back on "ignore". You know the place your sick daddy has always kept you. Good to know that I bother you so much. Oh you do have a brother now on the FLEX board. pmjll.

        See you in LV.

        Love & Kisses,
        Your worst nightmare,
        Mike Portz

      • Cancersickness05:

        I read you loud and clear and I heartily concur.

        Good luck in Vegas and say Hi to Mikey for me.