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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jun 22, 2005 11:58 AM Flag

    Da King says hi to Mikee


    You referred to me as the KING. It is nice of you to think of me as royalty.

    I think of you as just plain stupid.

    After all the ranting and raving you did about Falcon and its management, you were a customer of the company. What a moron! Get your act together fool!

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    • King Loser,

      You are such a loser. You are king of two other losers on the FLEX board.

      Talk about stupid. I guess everyone but you knows I purchased exposed wood seating from Shelby Williams for many years.I stopped shortly after frankie bought the company 6-1/2 years ago.I did give falcon an order about 20 years ago. Once was enough. So once again you have made one of your typically stupid and illeterate messages.

      I've stated everything about me on this board that anyone has ever cared to know. Why don't you tell us something about your self? Remember you can make it up just like the lack of info in your other post. To bad you have already established your lack of credibility because no one cares about you. Your just to full of crap in all your post.

      Love dominating your less then average intellect. It is so..... easy.

      In fact it is to easy. Your just plain boring. So back to "Ignore this user" for you. Your just no challenge. You will never "get your act together."

      Once again I have pointed out that you are not only "king of losers" but the queen of "stupid asses." I can't figure out why it bothers you so much that most of us know. You must have grown quite accustomed to it through the years.

      Still you master,
      Mike Portz

      Suck up your guts and give me a call. I won't hurt you like I do on this board. Not much anyway.
      (702) 362-9191