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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Feb 4, 2005 1:09 AM Flag

    GAP or WIN on the block?

    What's your take on the new CEO? Too little too late? The insiders seem to still be holding the line and Lynch has options in his compensation package. This might be a little early for the fat lady to start singing. Are you short here?

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    • Mr. Lynch, new CEO, has little experience competing v. WalMart.

      Mr . Lynch ran Star markets in Boston when A&P was reeling & Star stole "candy from a baby (A&P)" with ease & Stop & Shop was raising prices to pay off huge LBO debt at the time. It made Mr. Lynch's work at Star like a day at the golf course with accomodating competition.

      When Mr. Lynch ran Acme, Walmart was a very minor factor. Again, A&P was in a free fall and Ahold was making major mistakes.

      When Mr. Lynch was at Acme, Fleming was on its way to Bankruptcy, which weakened its Thriftway and Shop 'N Bag Stores. As key Fleming store groups were also going bankrupt. ShopRite also had two group in financial trouble in the greater Philadelphia market. Also, Pathmark was going through a Bankruptcy.

      Also when Mr. Lynch was at Acme, Safeway screwed up all the Genuardi's stores.

      Mr. Lynch had much weaker & more accomodating competition; again, doing well at Acme was like another round of golf for Mr. Lynch without any tough, formidable foes like Walmart, Publix, Sedanos etc.

      The five Winn Dixie Davis brother founders did a great job running A&P out of the South in the 20th Century.

      Now without A&P , Winn Dixie is getting destroyed by Walmart, Publix, Costco, Sedanos etc. It's all over for Winn Dixie & there is no "white knight"...Winn Dixie is too far gone. (Wish things could get better for Winn, but they will not).

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