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  • trader_2_day trader_2_day Feb 23, 2005 11:05 AM Flag

    List of Creditors they filed on...


    Entity Nature of Claim Claim Amount
    ------ --------------- ------------
    Wilmington Trust Company, Indenture Trustee $300,000,000
    Capital Research and Noteholder $44,950,000
    Vanguard Group Incorporated Noteholder $23,585,000
    Kraft (Kraft Foods, Kraft Trade Debt $15,069,002
    Pepsico & Subsidiaries Trade Debt $14,560,373
    Ameriprime Funds Noteholder $9,925,000
    Proctor & Gamble Trade Debt $6,068,365
    Nestle (Nestle USA, Trade Debt $4,257,179
    General Mills Inc. Trade Debt $3,686,114
    Unilever (HPC USA & Trade Debt $3,017,094
    Florida Coca-Cola Trade Debt $2,953,207
    ConAgra Grocery Products Co. Trade Debt $2,797,845
    Kimberly Clark Trade Debt $2,393,060
    Reliance Standard Life Noteholder $2,150,000
    McKee Foods Corporation Trade Debt $2,063,108
    Sara Lee Foods Trade Debt $1,979,199
    US Bank Corporation Trade Debt $1,850,000
    Gourmet Award Foods Mid Trade Debt $1,712,776
    Good Humor Breyers Ice Trade Debt $1,699,429
    Keebler Company Trade Debt $1,690,095
    CH Robinson Worldwide Inc. Trade Debt $1,567,192
    Del Monte Foods USA Trade Debt $1,523,117
    Fin Tech Trade Debt $1,500,000
    Powerhouse Produce LLC Trade Debt $1,380,436
    Gillette Company Trade Debt $1,356,588
    Coca-Cola Bottling Works Trade Debt $1,349,229
    Schreiber Foods, Inc. Trade Debt $1,348,983
    Campbell Soup Co. Trade Debt $1,325,196
    Georgia Pacific Corp. Trade Debt $1,318,376
    Ross Laboratories Trade Debt $1,316,295
    Clorox Sales Co - KPD Trade Debt $1,313,037
    Kellogg Sales Company Trade Debt $1,274,260
    Johnson & Johnson Trade Debt $1,268,232
    Riverdale Farms Trade Debt $1,228,022
    Anderson News LLC Trade Debt $1,225,488
    Fortis Benefits Insurance Noteholder $1,175,000
    Safe Harbor Seafood Trade Debt $1,154,897
    Louisiana Coca-Cola Trade Debt $1,131,296
    Edy's Grand Ice Cream Trade Debt $1,105,270
    Goodman & Co. Investment Noteholder $1,100,000
    Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Trade Debt $1,071,297
    Warner Lambert Consumer Trade Debt $1,044,914
    Gerber Products Company Trade Debt $1,044,436
    Wellington Management Co. Noteholder $1,030,000
    Securities Management and Noteholder $1,000,000
    Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Trade Debt $993,280
    Sanderson Farms Trade Debt $991,457
    DLJ Produce, Inc. Trade Debt $947,961
    Schering Plough Health Care Trade Debt $931,674
    Aviva Life Insurance Company Noteholder $775,000

    That is $482,197,779 they screwed lenders out of !!!

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    • That my happen, A value is still a value, BIG LOTS is proof of that, people buy discontinued items all day long. Short term, bagins will attract customers, Longer term, not going to happen, CASH and CARRY, SACK AND SAVE, Bi-Lo, all have tried it. Save Rite, Save-o-lot, you name them, they have all tried to make a go of it, and are all but gone. As for Winn-Dixie, they made too many mistakes and the BK is another one. This is a train wreck in the first degree...

    • You're saying shoppers won't shop at the stores because of the BK filing? Ha! Why do they care? Give me a good deal and I will buy it - who cares if you are a $100 stock or 66 cent stock. WNDXQ needs to lower prices (clearance) to cost price to move stuff fast and the creditors will then have to take what they can get from Winn-Dixie.

    • I didn't say it was OK ethically. I didn't say that at all. I said it was good financially.

      I don't quite get the connection to shoppers. Who screwed them?

    • That was rich, so its ok to screw some of the people some of the time for the benifit of others who are in a better position to not get screwed. The "if" is, will customers return to the store? My bet is now, after this ass reaming, "no way". The folks here maybe from the South, but they are not as stupid as the BOD would like you to belive. They could have boosted sales durring the Holidays, they chose not to. No sales, no reason to shop there.

    • They will all get paid. These are suppliers...thats just a BK/legal print. Thats they way grocer/suppliers work. Bye the way, these suppliers would get hurt bad if they lost winn-dixie account...i promise. 900 stores...they are major they wont mess with terms.

    • and consumer wholesalers...they had some serious lines of credit established

    • you never ever buy the 1st day

      • 2 Replies to 4try
      • On the contrary, the first day is the best time to buy when panic is at the peak. You may not catch the bottom (for instance those who bought in the 80 cent range today) but you can be reasonably assured of a double from the low on the first day. The idea is not to hold out till the end to see where the company goes eventually - it could go back to $10 or $0 but the short-term, it should hit the low $1s.

      • Not buying at all, I sold...WIN is going to file chapter 7 before this is all over. This was a desperate act to save the company, its too little too late. They screwed all the stockholders and they screwed all the lenders, venders, and bond holders, this is a disaster of major proportions...the company better run and hide, I see Winn-Dixie stores going up in flames soon...this was a major RIP OFF, the top executives knew they were going to file and acted like it was business as a match?

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