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  • vipkingdom2008 vipkingdom2008 Apr 23, 2008 7:24 PM Flag

    Why stock price drop in last week.

    Can anyone provide information why the stock has been so volatile for the last week? Stock price is near all time low. All information I've researched is very positive. Employees are positive. Is this just hedge funds being forced to sell for reasons not related to WIN or what?

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    • There is speculation in the market that the land line companies will continue to lose their customers to cable companies and wireless companies....while that holds credence in the cities, it is not the issue with the rural phone companies....the last two quarterly reports that WIN reported has shown this to be the case and on their conference calls they reiterated the same...Pat Dorsey at Morningstar indicated months ago that he was skeptical as to wether or not they can continue paying out the dividends over the next five quarters...WIN has reported higher than expected earnings the last two quarters and is also paying down debt...this is not a trading is a long term investment that pays a very good dividend { which is also qualified for tax purposes at 15% } and is basing at this level considering all that is going on in the market...This is a great stock IMHO for conservative investors and those who want something long term for retirement prospects....One more note, Scott from Bulls and Bears on FOX recommended the stock as well.....

    • I'm new to this stock but I like the dividend. An un-educated guess is that the price will stay under some pressure as long as the company is doing a buy back. Then an upward bias will take place. These companies have a way of making that happen. As long as the dividend holds, and it should, the stock is a hold / buy at these levels in my opinion.(I bought anyway) One problem, future inflation moves by the Fed. But at 8+per cent its got some wiggle room. Also, Fitch's report today is supportive.

    • IMHO, I think it's because we are coming up on an earnings report, From my observations this happens at times, I don't know, maybe because of fear that it won't be a good one. It could also be a shake out. The big guys might want you to fear and get out, so that they can get the shares cheaper. Hope this helps. have a great day!!!

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