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  • mpcs2007 mpcs2007 Apr 2, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

    Great opportunity to short that April $8 strike price.

    I'll be shocked if this doesn't break through its all time lows tomorrow and it will be into the low $7's by the 19th. Easy Money.......... Congrats Bag Holders you had 2 up days in a row after getting absolutely crushed 9 out of 10 days.

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    • WIN won't be able to hold on to much longer. Heavy sell volume. Big drop is coming so look out below bag holders.

    • Here comes the big drop. Back in the $7's by noon. Silly Bag Holders this turd still has a long way to go down, so look out below.

    • You hit the nail on the head. It seems me and you are the only 2 on here that have a clue.

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      • Anyone who thinks they "know" what a stock will trade at in a week or two is just fooling themselves. I believe the current price in within the normal low range for WIN and I think the dividend is safe for the near term. As WIN winds down its capital expenditures and integration of various business lines, investors will view the dividend more secure. When this happens, investors will be more willing to invest in WIN. A $14 value will deliver a 7% yield based on $1.00 dividend. This seems to be a reasonable value for a secure 7% yield based on other equities I know of. However, this premise is based on investors perceiving the $1.00 dividend being secure. If this doesn't come about, "guessing" a future stock price is a fool's errand.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Hit it's low? what fact brings you to this stupid conclusion? the vice pres and another insider just bought a lot stock in fact over 1/4 million today. I would think these insiders don't want to lose 1/4 million dollars and know something we don 't.
        What is your reasoning? where are your facts? Just more dribble and spam coming from you two. You said previously you own none of this stock. A lie? or you just like waisting your time. Oh the other thread is probable right you think this spam gets back at another person? Stop please. We all are sick of your dribble. Please go away !!! If you do post here please supply facts and reasons for your opinions, with no reasons or facts we all can see that only dribble comes from your mouth !!!

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