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  • nt1127 Oct 23, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    How much lower will the next dividend be and ehst'd ther ex date?

    all replies welcome.

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    • NT,
      In case you haven't seen it, WIN just announce that the full dividend will be paid. The record date is 12/31/13 and the pay date is 1/15/13. That would make the xdate 12/27/13.

    • Well first you dont want to be receiving a dividend from this company. the pay out is over 400% which is easy to do in low interest periods. if the cost of borrowing goes up. the people who know first dump their shares
      and those holding the shares are left with a worthless stock unless of course you have owned it 6 years then youd be about even.

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      • subdizgn, Don't be silly, I have been receiving dividends for a few years and definitely want to continue doing so. Will they suddenly end as the evil scam that is WIN finally gets known as you and so many other posters seem to suggest? It could happen, this is a risky investment that pays a very high yield. "Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances: if you don't like it don't buy it. However I am willing to bet that they announce another $.25 sometime next week. GLL


        Sentiment: Hold

      • The payout of 400% you cited is based on net income, I assume. For a capital intensive business like WIN, it's appropriate to look at cash flow coverage to gage dividend safety. This is common in REIT stock evaulations. Currently, that coverage is in the 77% range and dropping. So the dividend coverage is approving and that trend is expected to continue. So, unless business conditions change, the dividend appears to be safe and getting safer over time. High interest rates would hurt WIN like any other company having a chunk of debt. If I thought that the 10 year bond rate would be above 6% in the next year or two, I wouldn't be invested in WIN. However, given the estimated U.S. and world's GDP figures, I don't see interest rates going near 6% for a long time..

    • It will be zero cents lower!

      Look up the previous history on your own.

    • The next xdate should be either December 27th or the 30th. I expect no change in the dividend since the cash coverage of the dividend is improving and management has been rather adamant in maintaining the dividend at the current level. We'll have a better picture after WIN reports on the quarter in early November.

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