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  • ktumle ktumle Jan 30, 2014 4:39 PM Flag

    Tell me why

    Why do investors dump their stocks when the price is at a multi year low just because the price is going down?.

    Especially when there is no news and earnings announcement is a month away. The general economy seems to be going okay. That is the time to be buying or holding....not selling. Investors need to know why and what they are buying. Stock price is just one metric to use to value your investment. If you can't stomach a down turn, that is a sign that you are not diversified properly, don't understand what or why you bought the stock in the first place, and/or you let the current stock price dictate the value of your investment to you.

    I doubt if the sellers yesterday had the following attitude when they originally made their investment:
    "I'll buy this stock and hang on to it. If it reaches a multi year low, I'll sell regardless what the reason , if any, may be. Of course, I'll complain about the management and what a POS it is. I'll throw in a few complaints about market manipulators and shorts while I'm at it. It is definitely not because of my actions because I a good investor"

    For the people who sold yesterday, could you please tell me why?

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