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  • stoneymt_2000 stoneymt_2000 May 7, 2002 5:33 PM Flag

    Gild up after hrs..thanks Mike...

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    • The study you referenced doesn't mean physicians are going to include teno in their treatment regimens. Go down the list of the NRTIs in the link I provided under HIV Drugs and you will find numerous others that are available, ALL of which are stronger and more efficacious than teno, a NtRTI. Tenofovir(Viread), a nucleotide analogue, is the weakest of all the categories.
      The referenced study didn't compare Viread head to head with d4T, but in combination with two other drugs. Of the three, Sustiva a NNRTI, was the most potent.

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      • Mike,

        I agree with you. I am doctor who has been in the HIV field for 5 years and followed adefovir and teno very closely. This trial is BAD news for Gilead. Their whole message was how much better they were than Zerit. Now they have nothing to sell their drug on besides QD, which 5 other drugs already own. I was honestly considering buying this stock, but glad I didn't after seeing the data today. They are over valued and the only way teno is going to make any money is if they TRIPLE the price. They already priced their drug at a Premium price and now for what? No better efficacy or side effect profile. I would think twice before I hold this puppy! Good luck to everyone, but viread is a dead duck now! I look forward to the next QD HIV drug FTC/Coviracil owned by Triangle. Probably just as good as Viread, but the stock is 10 times cheaper:)


      • Mike

        I hear your rantings, but Im in the medical profession and there is nothing you can tell me, I dont already know.

        Keep up the good work!


      • Of course they tested it in combination - How else would one do a head to head comparison? You can't justify treating with monotherapy for extended periods - and Gilead wanted to see how Viread compared to d4T using a standard treatment regimen.

        "This will be a billion dollar drug" (Thanks for the quote KC)

        I know it won't jump to $40 tomorrow, but this is the data that justifies a 25% leap.

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