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  • pkornie Oct 20, 2011 3:55 PM Flag

    Alert 40's wont hold with my new Short purchase

    << >>

    << You have to love motley fool - not sure if they have an agenda, but ilove the headline : "Why GILD looks weak".

    So you read through the simple analysis and the bottom line is this - GILD usedto have operating margins of 80+% and now they are "only" 75%. Why - what great analysis. one can only laugh. it would take a fool not to immediately reply "Isn't 75% pretty darn good?"

    there is a reason GILD keeps getting called a cash cow and 75% operating margin is one of them. How many pharmas can go from the smaller/mid bio stage making 85% and when they become one of the top capitalization pharmas still maintain an operating margin above 70%? Answer? One - Gilead Sciences.

    Yep - GILD sure has their work cut out for them.

    What an analysis by Seth Jayson - I dare him to come on here and explain himself.

    see you all at $42+ by earnings - that is when Darryl does his quarterly disappearing trick.


    Sentiment : Strong Buy

    << I agree with your assessment of Motley Fool. They are by far the worst publication. In fact their theme for every story is the same where they measure DSO, DPO, etc. That's great however it gets old. Perhaps they can come up with something more creative. Who in their right mind would subscribe to this hypocrisy? >>

    <<DoWa'u'wantIDO.B(Buy)moOnDips. >>


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