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  • hufrd hufrd Apr 8, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    Unreasonable attack on Hep C drug, which is truly breakthrough a CURE therapy

    Why don't they attack Cancer, Orphan drug pricing, which some can cost more than 200K per patient.

    With almost all those drugs, not only you lose the money, most can only extend the life by about 3-4 month with some side effects. So what is the cost/benefit then?

    Unless the whole brand drug business is regulated, I don't see any reasonable argument from the payer/congress, etc...

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    • What they need to research and ask "publicly' , is the people whom have taken other medications---producing less positive results. Look at these poorer success rates and talk about "publicly"---their side effects.

      Then ask them if the GILD research would be worth the extra cost.

      Bottom line---it is a bargain a game changer.

    • Agreed 100%. Competitors won't be cheaper.. that's like the Coke/Pepsi thing.. why ruin a good thing. Waxman's a grand-stander diverting attention from the real issue which is that our medical system is broken because there's no way for those who paid nothing into the system to get the same care as those who did. That's just reality. GILD paid $11B to buy Pharmasset so they could have this drug.. does ESRX or Waxman really believe that they're not going to get a return on that invesment? Idiots. Also, those bailing out are idiots as well. I'm in this for the 5-10 year haul... have no fear at all on this one. Loooong GILD.

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    • Its simple. You, the share holder is taking it in the #$%$ right now. Without lubrication.

      You the share holder are blaming "the market" for saying "This is ridiculously priced, instead of blaming the person placing this ridiculous price tag on it. It's a simple correction.

      They correct the price, we go back to talking about script scales and not price, and the stock goes back up. I'm tired of this fixable issue, screwing over my investment account.

    • What needs to be compared is the cost of this medication with a liver transplant and extended time in the hospital due to complications from the disease hepatitis. Let alone loss of employment, and quality of life and death.

      In a true and valid comparison, this medication is dirt cheap and a gift a---CURE--- for a quality and normal lifespan.

      When it comes to "political positioning" and media however----there is no valid logic or sense.

    • I wonder if Waxman has a long position in GILD. If he does then he should be thrown into jail.

    • Gilead does not see any problem with payers. The company says that Sovaldi is not a high priced drug that extends the life of patients by a few months: it is a cure. And cures are respected by payers everywhere.

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    • THIS IS THE ONLY DRUG THAT CURES. PERIOD. IMHO. THIS is the best thing available and free loader thugs wants to participate in sharing the loot.

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    • It is an unpopular disease, without group support like aids or cancer, so they figure it can be targeted without backlash.

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      • CDC that since most patients (75%) who are currently infected with hepatitis C were born between 1945 - 1965, and since risk-based screening has not been successful in identifying these individuals, that a one time age-based hepatitis C blood test was necessary.Baby boomers were caught in a difficult time: an increased intravenous drug experimentation in the 1960s and 1970s, coupled with an inability to effectively screen blood products for hepatitis C until 1992, led to a disproportionate number of infected individuals.The concern with chronic hepatitis C is the potential to progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer and need for liver transplantation. Death from cirrhosis (of which hepatitis C is a major cause) is now the 8th leading cause of death in America.The CDC estimates that as many as 50% of infected individuals are currently unaware of their infection.We are at a unique moment in time when baby boomer screening may uncover 800,000 new cases of hepatitis C at a time when treatment for hepatitis C is becoming easier, safer and highly effective.

        We have the potential to significantly diminish the healthcare consequences and long term costs of hepatitis C within the next few years.

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    • Well said!

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