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  • akadvisor2020 akadvisor2020 Jul 21, 2014 4:31 PM Flag


    I am very long on GILD (3-5 year horizon) and I am glad to see some of the posters on this board is also. GILD is a great company and the PPS will have strong growth this calendar year along with several years to come...starting with the second quarter results on Wed.

    Understanding the fundamentals of this company, you have to be insane to "day trade", short or sell this stock during any highs or dips.

    This is not a stock you check every minute, hour, day, etc. This reminds me of JNJ in the eighties.
    Shorts should be very careful.

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    • OK, I like GILD long but I do have a concern that when competitor drugs hit the market (1Q15?) pricing will ned to be adjusted and revenue will decline proportionally. Now I believe GILD will feed their revenue stream with related combo drugs and new drugs. Not sure this is enough to drive the share price higher through 2015 though. I'm very comfortable at the moment and will be evaluating quarter by quarter. I believe it is extremely undervalued (30% or more) and all the noise about government price regulation is just that. Keep in mind that all Medicaid programs get a mandated 23.1% discount already from the drug manufacturers. Thoughts?

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    • I've traded GILD a few years ago, made some good money, but also missed a few moves. I then decided to just stay long and not to worry about it, and never regretted the decision.

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    • Longs saw 500%+ gains in only the past 4 years. With all the groundbreaking drugs in the pipeline, this is a company that will continue going up up up over the years. Check out their pipeline and clinical trials. Some groundbreaking stuff going on there ... like Sovaldi was at that stage.

    • GILD = LONG ... This is "ONE OF THOSE". The "Apple 1990's" of biotechs. Longs will be richly rewarded over the years. A company that sells drugs that CURE or make fatal viral disease? Or thwart diseases like HIV until they're chronic rather than fatal? Name the last biotech or pharma that did THAT!

    • fishart4 Jul 21, 2014 5:49 PM Flag

      Are you saying that watching the ticker from 9:30 to 4:00 everyday and sniveling whenever PPS drops 25 cents WONT make it go up faster? (sarcasm) ... I'm LONG and not flinching. Don't fight the tape!

    • If you are long on GILD, then BUMP...

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