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  • CD3313 CD3313 Jul 9, 1999 4:53 PM Flag

    Well, we're halfway

    into the Merger pricing period and Gilead's
    average daily close is $52.0375. The stock has been very
    resilient (sp?) especially at the close. Next week could be
    interesting with all the economic figures that will be
    released. Personally, I have no doubt that we will stay
    above $51.50 for the next 10 trading

    Hopefully, everyone has received (and will return) their
    Proxy statement. I found it interesting that Gilead
    first began looking at NeXstar early in 1997. I'm also
    happy to see they included patent expiration dates as

    I was wondering if any of you had thoughts about
    using NeXstar's liposomal technology to enhance
    Gilead's drugs? Being that most of them are small-molecule
    orally dosed medicines, I wouldn't expect that to be the
    case. However, perhaps the safety and therapeutic value
    of injectibles (Vistide, PMPA) could be enhanced.
    Any ideas?

    I'm really enjoying this year. I
    hope you all are, too.

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    • Bio, would you tell me more about Hep therapy? What type, B or C? Available data suggest equal or better than current therapy?Thanks.

    • The FDA requested more data from Glaxo as a
      result of the comments from the Advisory Committee
      meeting to address the concerns raised. The Advisory
      Panel is just that, a group of expert advisors. I think
      what happened in this case is that a concern was
      identified and the FDA allowed Glaxo more time to address
      it. It is not uncommon within the US regulatory
      process for this to occur. Let's just hope Gilead is
      successful as well!

    • I was wrong about the approval, but at least GILD went up. I should keep my mouth shut more often. Why did the FDA override the advisory panel? Does this happen often?


    • Washington, July 27 (Bloomberg) -- Glaxo Wellcome
      Plc won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to
      sell Relenza, the first new flu drug in six years and
      the only drug that can treat both strains of

      The FDA approval overrules the recommendation of an
      agency advisory panel, which advised against approving
      the product five months ago, saying the company
      failed to prove the Relenza inhalant was effective, even
      though it was safe.

      Relenza will be the first
      entrant into the a market that analysts say could be
      worth between $500 million and $2 billion in annual

      Relenza could be face competition for the
      market as soon as next year from a drug being developed
      by Foster City, California- based Gilead Sciences
      Inc. and Switzerland's Roche Holding AG.
      drugs act by blocking an enzyme the virus needs to
      replicate. Roche's drug, currently under review by the FDA,
      comes in a pill rather than an inhaler. Both drugs
      could be on the U.S. market by next winter, when the
      flu season is at its peak.

      Because Relenza is
      most effective within 36 hours of the onset of flu
      symptoms, the challenge for London-based Glaxo in selling
      Relenza will be in getting people to visit a doctor at
      the first sign of the flu. Patients will miss much of
      the drug's benefit if rely first on traditional
      treatments for the flu -- over-the-counter drugs, rest and
      plenty of fluids. Educating consumers about Relenza is
      likely to involve a heavy advertising campaign and that
      will take time, analysts said. The drug isn't expected
      to hit its sales peak for at least three years, when
      Relenza could see sales of $300 million.

      the expert advisory panel recommended against FDA
      approval for the drug, analysts widely expected the FDA to
      approve the drug.At the meeting in February, panel
      members voiced support for the science behind the drug,
      though they said problems with a final-stage study in
      North America raised doubts about whether the drug was
      effective in reducing recovery time.

      The FDA said
      the drug cuts the average duration of the flu when it
      is taken within 2 days of the onset of symptoms.
      That could limit the suffering of the 30 million
      Americans who come down with the virus each year.

      addition, a study published in the Journal of the American
      Medical Association earlier this month, suggested that
      the drug can prevent -- as well as treat -- the flu.
      The 1,107- person study found that the drug was 67
      percent effective at preventing flu infection during an
      outbreak. Still, that use hasn't been established as safe
      or effective, the FDA said.

    • The FDA advisory panel reccommended rejecting relenza in a big way. (see FDA website for transcript and another yahoo msg post of mine a while ago) I'm not too worried either.


    • we're down today. An FDA decision will be made on
      Glaxo's Relenza tomorrow.
      Being that GS4104 goes
      before the FDA panel in September, and approval would be
      by October 29, our drug would also be available for
      the upcoming flu season in the U.S..
      I'm holding
      my shares.

    • if you would, please ask Dr. Martin if the
      company is pursuing (or has any plans to pursue)
      liposomal technology for GILD's proprietary drugs. Also,
      try to gauge management's optimism about their
      Antibacterial Program and other preclinical drugs in
      I'm sure Dr. Martin will say if they are planning to
      present data on PMPA at ICAAC. Any reply about their
      enthusiasm will be appreciated.
      After last year's
      meeting, Mark Perry drove me to the Company; and Bill
      Strong treated me to lunch in the Company's cafeteria,
      as well as giving me a tour of the facilities (and a
      tee-shirt, a sweatshirt and a coffee mug). I DID ask a lot
      of questions, however, I haven't worn the shirts or
      used the mug. This Sunday-Tuesday the CVS/pharmacy
      Charity Golf Classic will be held at the Rhode Island
      Country Club (about a block from my house). I believe the
      event will be televised on ESPN, and I will proudly
      wear my 't' then. I will baptize the mug with a
      champagne toast upon GS4104's approval.
      I dearly would
      have loved to attend this year's meeting. However,
      Friday also happens to be the closing date for the sale
      of my mother's house. With all the packing and
      moving going on, Sunday will be the first chance I get
      to relax.
      I know I had stated that I didn't wish
      to "steal GILD's thunder" about GS4104, but with the
      annual meeting at hand, what the heck. Roche has a
      trademarked name for the drug and has received fast-track
      designation from the FDA. The panel will convene September
      14-15, and the action date is October 29,
      Pharma...please give my warm regards to Dr. Martin, Mark Perry,
      and Susan Hubbard. They are wonderful

      My sincerest thanks to you.
      I am,
      Chris (from

    • Here is a good queston of concern to all.

      Re: the management of NXTR, Who is going to stay with
      GILD and
      in what capacity will they be used? Who is

      NXTR has a lot going for it now but in the past year
      [1998] the
      stock languished in a trading range. Many
      stockholders blamed
      management for failure to improve
      shareholder value at a faster
      pace. [ Check yahoo bb
      before date of merger announcement. ]

    • Ask Mark Perry this important question. Is there
      any pending litigation from other companies or from
      former employees that could impact the merger or the
      company results.

      I was just listening to a CD of
      Tami Wynet. I just love Tami.

    • Ask him about the dosages of PMPA. PMPA is the
      drug of the future. They are testing at 300 mg and it
      has shown no real safety concerns yet. They have a
      1.22 log drop at that level. When they had the IV
      formulation it was the equivelant of 900 mg and showed a 4
      log drop. They have done some prelim testing at a
      higher dose. Will phase 3 be at 300 mg or higher dose. I
      would like to see 600 mg tested.

      Try to run into
      Hiedi and Susan. Tell them I said hello and give me a
      good description. I picture them both as very
      attractive intelligent women. I would like to see them to
      verify this belief.

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