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  • dcxavier dcxavier Sep 20, 2001 10:47 AM Flag

    Market and more...

    Another lousy day. Enough said.

    Being in the defense business, I have some ideas about how this terrorist campaign may be fought. The enemy is very low tech, few high value fixed targets, mobile, widely dispersed, very small groups. Assassination of these people is the strategy. The major problem is finding and tracking these individuals. One tactic is old fashioned infiltration by paid mercenaries. A more military approach involves high risk commando raids. Technologies to support commando raids include sensing UAV's (particulary expendable micro UAV's), combat UAV's (UCAV's), and communication support infrastructure. A lot of the technology is at the research stage and will take years to field and employ effectively.

    Beware: In the long run, these technologies pose a threat to our liberties. To get a taste of what can be done, read about how the Unabomber (despicable, but still an American citizen) was tracked.

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