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  • Gariver911 Gariver911 Oct 21, 2001 8:20 PM Flag

    Commando Raid on Omar's House!!!

    Hi there!

    This weekend, 100 US commandoes (Rangers/Delta Force?) raided the home of Mullah Muhammed Omar, the leader of the Taliban govt. They took Taliban documents and PCs with them! Why? The "why" is extremely interesting and encouraging. US intelligence officers want to find a list of all the Al Qaeda operatives in Europe and the USA, and that list could be in those documents!

    Now, wouldn't that be nice? Once such a list is found, you can start arresting ALL the Al Qaeda terrorists. Of course, the CIA and the Dept of Defense will NOT tell us what they are up to. However, if I hear in the news about numerous arrests of terrorists in the USA and Europe in the coming weeks, I will know the list was found at Omar's home. Yeah, two plus two is four!

    Gariver911...What me worry?

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    • I hope the Taliban didn't count on deleting files to remove the evidence. Even "overwriting" files won't necesarily do it, since most PC disks have spare tracks that are used when the originals fail. This is all hidden from the user. In the US, disks that are sufficiently classified must be physically destroyed with witnesses. I wouldn't expect them to find something so incrminiating as a file called "List_of_Terrorists.doc". Instead, there will probably be e-mail messsages and the like, with return addresses that can be traced.