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  • dcxavier dcxavier Mar 6, 2002 9:07 PM Flag

    REPOST: Reason CYMI is moving

    Here are some miscellaneous ramblings.

    For SMTM1999... One possible explanation for the rapid change in earnings estimates is the year to year rollover. There is a time when "next year's" estimates become "this year's", and a new "next year" is introduced. Although I haven't tracked CYMI estimates closely, we must make sure the comparisons are apples-to-apples. This effect is particularly noticeable in highly cyclical industries that quickly shift from profit to loss and back. There was a long discussion about this on the Wennerstrom Semi Equipment thread on SI a while back.

    For jug and Rocky... I greatly admire investors who have a well defined exit strategy. It isn't profit until you sell!

    Also, I forgot to congratulate highstickr with HHLF. Wow, I hope you invested big. Maybe time to take a vacation like jug98 suggests.

    That's it, good luck to all!