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  • dcxavier dcxavier Oct 17, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    Holy cow! CYMR buy out for $75+/share

    By ASML.

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    • Congrats DC and any other old timers still long!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to shortthepig
      • Holy cr!ap! shortthepig!!!! I thought you had disappeared!
        I never dumped my Slimer shares, although I have to say that the recent drop to the $40's from a recent high of $62 was more of "oh no, here we go again".
        I'm also still saddled with some cr~ap I remember you said you had gotten way back when, even though you cautioned everyone to "stay away". You might remember the old name of Cytoclonal Pharmaceuticals it went by in the late 90's.

        I have a question for those who might know, and perhaps it's why I see lawyer snakes posting stories claiming the management of CYMI breached its fiduciary duty.
        We know that CYMI holders are supposed to get $20 + 1.15502 shares of ASML for each CYMI share, but my question is, what happens if the market tanks and/or ASMLs share price tanks right before the acquisition date?
        Let's say, for example, ASML drops to $10 at the time of the transfer.
        Do the CYMI shareholders get only 1.15502 * $10 + $20, or approximately $11.55 + $20 = $31.55 for their shares? Or is adjusted in someto meet the total price that's assumed that ASML is paying?

      • Unfortunately I don't own any CYMI. I've been completely out of tech for a while. What I own today are REIT's and other RE-oriented, GLD, and a couple of special situations.