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  • ridebikes2 ridebikes2 Dec 12, 2000 11:00 PM Flag

    J Fonda

    Ho Chi Mins good buddy, Jane Fonda and Jesse
    Jackson-Al Sharpton must be really dissapointed now!!!!!! Im
    glad Im long on CYMER right now. Hopefully Greenspan
    gives us another boost next tuesday. Go CYMER

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    • i_know_absolutely_everything i_know_absolutely_everything Dec 13, 2000 10:46 AM Flag

      You wrote: <"But I don't believe for a minute
      that the Florida Supreme Court would have given Mr.
      Bush the obviously partisan decisions that they handed
      Mr. Gore.">

      In fact the Florida Supremes
      ruled in favor of Bush at least three times, thus
      reducing your argument to ashes.

    • "this type of old technology... used in
      predominately Democratic counties"

      In Florida, the
      counties themselves are responsible for deciding what
      voting equipment to use. If the Democratic pols think
      they lost because of outdated voting machinery, they
      need only look in the mirror to find the ones to

      I believe that if it were Bush
      challenging a slim Gore lead, the final decision of the U. S.
      Supreme Court would have been the same, and Bush would
      have lost for the same reason as Gore just did. But I
      don't believe for a minute that the Florida Supreme
      Court would have given Mr. Bush the obviously partisan
      decisions that they handed Mr. Gore. Chief Justice Wells
      words have made that more than clear.

    • The chip equipment stocks are getting whipped today. What's up with that?

    • "One punch plus one protruding chad could be
      counted either for the complete punch or discarded as a
      double vote."

      OK, which is it, complete punch or
      double vote? And how do you recognize it on all the
      ballots in the state?

      The current Florida standard
      is hole punched through, and they have machines that
      do a really good job of implementing that standard.
      If I were a college professor, I would send you back
      to think your approach through more fully.

    • We both finally agree on something... J Fonda,
      Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton can go back to the holes
      they came from.

      I always though Cymer was a
      good company and I hope the best for all of you. I'm
      still long with Cypress and will continue to be but I
      must say I regret not holding out and betting on Cymer
      at 19 and 1/4.

      Fed will probably not reduce
      rates until February or January but I guess it is


      • 1 Reply to beercur
      • To put media bias in perspective, you hear
        everyone cry about votes that weren't counted. No one
        talks about how the lack of standards in places like
        Broward County produced votes for Mr. Gore from people
        who did not vote for him. Mr. Gore's only chance was
        to manipulate and control what could be counted as a
        vote. Whatever interpretation produced the most votes
        for him, that was the standard. And that
        interpretation could vary from county to county, even ballot to
        ballot. "Voter intent" was the vague legal standard, and
        Mr. Gore had a strongly vested interest in keeping it
        that way. That phrase also plays very well to the
        public, so long as you don't look behind the curtain.