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  • dcxavier dcxavier Dec 28, 2000 9:02 AM Flag

    Unusually heavy MM shorting in CYMI

    Nov 15: 833,464
    Dec 15: 1,304,984

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    • and the price of the stock dipped to $24, and i,
      as well as any other smart investor, bought

      now, we watch, and smell, the shorts burn...... short
      intrest does not mean any more than a increase in "long"
      purchase except that a small group of investors feel the
      stock will move one way or the other.

      in fact,
      the recent increase is probably now due to the shorts
      scrambling to cover, that is, the smart ones

      fear tactics dont work, people have learned about you
      shorts, and, the cheerleaders too.

      the point is,
      this is a stock with earnings that accounts for a P/E
      of 16 with a price of $27. the sector allows for a
      P/E of 50!!!!! so, if the P/E only gets to 30,(well
      below the industry average), then the stock WILL be at
      around $54 or so.....

      simple math. earnings, once
      again, DO matter.

      luck to longs, burn shorts