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  • marklibera marklibera Aug 8, 2011 8:29 PM Flag

    Recommendation Summary/Analysts

    Susan, first, I am not berating you, but requesting that you disclose more about your positions. A little defensive aren't we? You are quick to celebrate your "wins" but you have a long record of different recommendations. Your postings seldom if ever admit any losses. Who are you Bernie Madoff? I actually paid you a complement by admitting your prescient call on SFL. I suppose that the reason you won't disclose any losers is from your prior experience with posters like Mr. G-Facts who will use any admission of a loss by you to keep reminding you every time you post. No one expects you to make money every time, no matter what your strategy is. Even Goldman Sachs loses on occassion. But by refusing to admit any losses, you lose credibility.

    On the QE3 issue, I have tried to lay out my argument. The mere fact that it has not happened does not prove me wrong as I put no time limit on when it will occur. However, if it does happen, you will eat crow. You must admit that you don't know everything, otherwise you would be rich, retired on some island and not bothering to post on a yahoo message board about making nickels and dimes from put selling.

    As for Line, I own it also, but I have admitted my loss whereas you are hoping that people will forget about your position in it. If you are such an expert with selling puts and covered calls, explain your actual transactions so people can learn. You are quick to espouse this strategy as a winning one, but then short on details of how you handle it when positions move against you. Again, no one cares about your profit/loss because there's no way we could actually check it anyway. Is the only reason you post on these boarad is so that you can brag about your own prowess or is it to actually discuss the merits of investing in certain stocks?

    As for EVEP, you said it "couldn't trade at $80 because the yield didn't support it" but it came very close, trading near $75 and that was before any announcement of any deal to monetize their Utica assets. There are several analysts who have written about it. My point in posting about EVEP was to bring this analysis and these articles to the attention of other EVEP investors who may not have seen them or have had time to read the last conference call. You have no other analysis on EVEP other than to say "it hasn't happened yet." For whatever reason (maybe due to past losses) you don't engage in any fundamental analysis -- you simply sell puts as your strategy. So what if EVEP is down $7 when my basis is in the $20's. Since you didn't short it, you didn't make the right call either. Put your money where your mouth is and start shorting. You didn't even short SFL although you claimed you knew it was going to $12. That's called being a "chicken bear" or simple a Monday morning quarterback.

    As for other carnage, many of the MLPs took hits equal or greater than EVEP. Many of them are less liquid.

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