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  • statesrip statesrip Apr 11, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    Walker presentation

    John Walker will be making a presentation in NYC on Tuesday. I am not suggesting that there will be some major announcement made because announcements are not made in a forum of this nature. However, I am surprised that Walker and not Hauser is doing the presentation.
    I will be at the meeting and will try and meet with Walker in a smaller venue and see if I can learn anything.

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    • The webcast starts at 11:20AM Tuesday if anyone wants to listen in/follow along. Go to the EVEP website and follow the directions.

    • d_neely Apr 14, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

      Where did you see this. it's not on their website.

    • rbb40 Apr 11, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

      state, thks 4 info,could it be a direction change ? Walker vs Houser,appearing,meaning only a fool is selling substantial ,proven/producing,in/field--step/out dry gas properties @ $ 4 per mbtu benchmark--dry/gas rig count is @ a 11 yr low ---not too easy to buy low anymore--went to Enerplus (erf)pres other nite & they r starting feeling v-g about marcellus---POINT----DRILL-BABY---DRILL--1on1--looking @ 30/35 % on light oil & no complaints about capex 4 marcellus (sore spot past)----I hve been an advocate of drilling the utica ,ev has a 500k +/- cost adv (no land costs ) & has the ability to wait 4 " build-out "---more impt---there is a "pony" in the ---rose /run , trenton & beekmantown --vt wells,hit/miss---laterals r "coming"

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      • Thanks for cutting through the gloom/doom here to remind us that the recovery in natural gas prices can only be increasing the value of EVEP's portfolio :)

        Did you notice this Robry825's post on IV on when/where he believes NG is heading ?

        Natgas remains terribly Bullish, and for those here on the buy-side this is going to be a wicked,
        take-no-prisoners type of bull market once we get beyond bottom-hole testing next week (when all
        storage fields are open for injections). Those 794 BCF (EIA) and 873 BCF (Cap/gf) year-over-year
        deficits have to be dealt with, and quashing generation fuel-switching is only (says the Longer-
        Term model) going to get us half-way there.

        My hunch is a lot of the buy-side is waiting to both up-injections and up-hedging once injections hit
        70-80 BCF a week, on the hopes we get the seasonal-letdown in natgas pricing. And my hunch is
        that they will be sorely dissappointed when they do so.

        The natgas drilling-rig numbers are probably 300 rigs plus too low, and what is going to lure an
        E&P away from $90 oil to even $6 natgas? You can hedge oil all the way out to 2021 for $83.50
        plus on the strip. December 2021 natgas is $5.55 as I write.

        Structurally, this natgas market is a 2001 market... where natgas spiked to 2x par on oil ($30.00/mcf
        at $90 oil). My guess is natgas takes a run at par by April 30th 2014 ($15 on $90 oil) but where it
        peaks could be a lot higher, depending on how the cards play out. For those on the buy-side
        (municipalities, industrial users here on these boards), there is in my opinion no time left to get the
        house in order. It will get continually, ever worse. $7 by September... $9 by January... $14 by May
        2014 for maximums... educated guesses only, but these kind numbers dance in my head...


        Ultimately, the markets have to force more money to E&P's and then force E&P's away from oil-only
        drilling to a more balanced stance. The end-game for Natgas will only come when that happens.

      • rbb, you could be right, I have been thinking about what they might present. Nobody is going to have a presentation just to chat about how bad things are. hopefully something is going to pop.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thanks states, I have admired you, artist, aces and a few others for your knowledge, integrity and shareing. I wish I could be there. I will certainly be awaiting your post.

    • artist_formerly_known_as_pooch artist_formerly_known_as_pooch Apr 11, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

      thank you. please let us know how it goes, either way

    • Thank you in advance.

    • About time someone had the balls to actually speak to someone from EVEP. Ask him how he has time to do a presentation when he's supposed to be working day and night at ongoing "negotiations"??? After all it is supposedly his only remaining responsibility at EVEP.
      Notice Gas names are up strongly again today. EVEP selling off again. Market smells fraud

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