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  • captainsurreal captainsurreal Apr 19, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Can Anyone Explain

    Can anyone explain why this stock has fallen so much lately. It pays a great dividend and I have read that it has professional management. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    • Because McClendon hyped the 3 delineations of shale and the Oil window, in which, Enervest has the largest amount of acreage, is worthless, that's why. But don't fret, they didn't pay anything for it so it's not like they are out anything, they just missed out on a huge windfall if the acreage was worth anything. Just another investment, some of them work out, some don't.
      Anyone who thinks this can stay here in the mid to upper 40's is dead wrong.... this will see 30's, sooner than later... Easiest short in the history of trading !!!!!!! I called it at 54.00 and no one listened, you long timers have to be sick to your stomachs.
      I, for one, think fair value is around 20 dollars per unit...

    • tomandlia Apr 19, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

      You dont have a mind where you can do your own research ? i guess your really stupid if you really on the advice from this message board.

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    • you are wise to do your own research or go with others who consistently provide the same, not the boom, boom or the emotional blackmailers. it is 'prudent' to be short or long at certain times while we wait for the payoff.

      evep is a sound stock with excellent management and they will get the best deal for us if we don't tear them and each other apart while waiting.

      this board may have a lot of pumpers but also a lot of shorts disguised as disappointed longs that continually harangue. maybe some of these 'disappointed longs' are from a company that is trying to get over on evep through pressuring us.

    • I know I have stated this ad naseum, but EVEP is worth $38 until deals for the Utica acreage is done. The longer it takes to do the deals the more chance there is that EVEP will go lower. The super speculation on the Utica drove EVEP to insane heights. As I have stated before, my price target is $70 in two years. My average price is slightly under $26 and the only reason I didnt sell at $77 is taxes and planning on taking the distribution for another 20 years and let my children inherit.

    • Have you not be paying attention?? Management in 2012 repeatedly virtually promised that a significant liquidity transaction concerning its Utica assets would occur by year-end 2012 and then on Christmas Eve (hoping noone would notice?) issued a press release that in fact no deal would happen in 2012 and their limited statements since then have been much more vague about whether any deal will ever happen. Needless to say the stock is now down over 20% this year, with the decline accelerating this week after Walker spoke at some conference earlier this week. I guess this clown said something that made the listeners even more concerned about whether any deal will occur and/or about the ineptitude of management.

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