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  • artist_formerly_known_as_pooch artist_formerly_known_as_pooch Apr 25, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    EVEP short interest up again 64k

    The trend continues...
    As of
    Apr 15......1,304,815 shares short
    Mar 28.......1,240,739
    Mar 15 ........1,220,442
    Feb 28.......... 993,520
    Feb 15.......... 849,424
    Jan 31 ...........528,202
    Jan 15............ 429, 917
    Dec 31 ...........371,042

    Two points to add here. The trend clearly shows that someone or a group of someone's feel that whatever the price is at the moment, that they have conviction that it will continue to go lower. they have been correct as one look at the chart shows a clearly defined 6 month downtrend. No other E&P's show such a trend. High short interest, yes. But only EVEP has such a pronounced and prolonged downward trend.

    Second, 1.3 million shares short, while becoming fairly significant, is still not enough to cause a major short squeeze if a deal is announced. It'll help give us a nice snap upward. But that alone isn't going to make you rich.

    Will we find a bottom or will the trend continue? Will EVEP management do something to support it's unitholders? Will the nutcases completely take over this board?

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    • One might also call the pumpers of 2012, nutbags. The blowhards were talking about distributions of $12/annum, unit prices of $120. The most enjoyable posts,however, were when they talked about their hedge-fund buddies saying 'this' or 'that'. They thought themselves insiders. Thankfully, they now reside under the rock from which they came.

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