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  • jdt1313 jdt1313 May 2, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Nearing 52 week low

    There are simply very few buyers for EVEP. Stock is about $1 above 52-low. I fear what happens if (likely when) stock breaks through its 52-week low.

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    • artist_formerly_known_as_pooch artist_formerly_known_as_pooch May 2, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

      An therein lies the rub. WHAT IS THE CASE TO BE MADE TO INVEST NEW MONEY IN EVEP? That's why we have the slow bleed here. It's not yet competitive on yield. It doesn't raise the distribution. It is wholly associated with speculative Utica. Right now GPOR takes in money based on Utica production. Everyone and their brother is selling land now in all plays. So making an investment argument based on a possible Utica sale is a net negative. I'm not saying any of the preceeding is in fact negative. Just that yield, increasing distribution, and Utica land sales aren't selling points for new money right now. EVEP isn't winning any converts right now and longtime holders are being peeled off over time. Citi and Morgan Stanley selling 1.5 million units speaks loudly too. EVEP needs to start selling. Selling land. Selling the dream like they did when they set the expectations last year. Until then we will continue to see continued slow outflows of $$ and no new money coming in

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