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  • crayonsfordinner crayonsfordinner Feb 28, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    Sound familiar?

    Blaze Pizza? Anyone ever heard of it?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I thought the article a good one as well.

      One of the key advantages Pie Five has in regards to Blaze Pizza is that P5P is already publicly traded. If the space takes off, PZZI is really about the only way the average investor can play. In addition, and as an already public concern, PZZI is in a better position to raise cash and capital as opposed to Blaze. Here, growth of units look to play a major role in locking up the space. Going forward, I think a name change might be in order to Pie 5 Pizza as opposed to Pizza Inn. As for Pizza Inn, a little more attention here might go a long way in providing some cash flow in regards to growing P5P. From a Company store stand point, PZZI, and imo, needs to invest is higher traffic locations. Per reviews online, this is really a lunch place. As such, higher cost leases in downtown office environments etc. bold best for this concept.

      In some other comments, and after reading over some online reviews, the biggest negatives food wise I encountered were the crust and sauces. Too much like a cracker for some (ie: thin crust) and too bland of a sauce. Hence, some tweaking is in order.

      To close, no stores in my area. With a franchise agreement for the greater Charlotte area, I will keep my eyes open for any stores that might open.

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      • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 21, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

        I think this is actually a disadvantage at early stage to be a public company coming out with a new concept. how often have you seen a public company turn around swiftly when they have legacy issues and old culture issues to deal with in addition to growing and creating a new concept. look at private startups grow faster, smart money will put more money in private enterprise that can give them more control over their investment and yield faster results.

        Blaze has not only shriver as the personality, it has Wetzel, and most don't even know cheung, he's the creator of panda express concept, the one that even created the chipotle format. between these three you have 3 individuals totaling 6billion worth so to invest $250mm in this if it works will be nothing. So how can we say pzzi will be at an advantage when the market cap is only $30mm and we have very little cash?

        looks to me that pzzi has a good concept but is off to a slow start.

    • Yup, there one of the others trying to make a go in this space. They have the Wetzel Pretzel smarts/money behind them. Good article, thanks had not seen!! Shows the interest, potential, and VALIDATION. Pretty good on their part to get Maria Shriver and the Red Sox owner (nice!!) in with them. We need some BIG TEXAN's to sign on with us!!! :-)

      Like hearing Wetzel validate the initial stores are "on track for $1.5 mill to $2 mill" . Go PZZI!!!!!!!! :-)

      "Wetzel started his soft-pretzel snack eatery Wetzel’s Pretzels in 1994 and has since expanded it to about 300 stores worldwide. He never took it public because the growth opportunity wasn’t there, he said. Not so with Blaze, which can have 1,000 locations, almost all of which will be franchised, he said. The first two locations are each on track for $1.5 million to $2 million in sales a year, he said. Chipotle stores average about $2 million in annual sales, according to a company filing."