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  • networthdev networthdev Apr 14, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Up front franchise fee?

    Anybody know if one us typical, and what it might be? Would not take much to positively impact little PZZI's earnings/profitability.

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    • Here's another good item for those that haven't done their DD to consider.

    • Why are you still using an outdate model? PZZI is moving to another concept Pie 5. Their new CEO has stated many times this will be their signature store. Your who premix is wrong. you are basing your post from a model that originated from the 50s. We all know that is being abandoned for the new Pie 5 approach. It appears you missed the press on how at least two major investors recently each purchase 10 Pie 5 franchises. This is where the growth will come from. The PZZI earnings and profitability you are referring to is only applicable to the existing number of stores (~250) that are in 16 state and mostly outside the major markets in those states. Pie 5 is where PZZI Holdings is focusing their growth and already they have about 10% growth from new stores that will be opening this year. The new stores are extremely more efficient and will yield more profits. I can't believe you missed this. It was all posted in the past few months. It appears like you and others did not do a very good job researching. If you take a very simply approach and look at the recent stock trend - the return in the past few days is phenomenal - over 16%. At any rate, this is more for others who come here since it is doubtful you care about this info.

    • Franchise fee: $15K, Average Start-up Costs: 363K

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If it was me, to the extent possible, I'd role out positive franchise news on a simi regular basis for visability, and strategically for revenue recognition.