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  • networthdev networthdev May 4, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    S-1.....Stock offering, is POSITIVE news

    They are offering $3 million "dollars", NOT shares.

    AND, SPECIFICALLY, this is what I like to hear, "All of the common stock subject to the registration statement is solely for offer and sale by the Company. !!!!! There are no selling stockholders !!!!!" end of quote.

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    • Its not an offering, just a registration of share which would allow an offering in the future.

    • Well, like usual, you are "stuck on hype".

      A public offering is almost always at a discount.
      Thats not good.

      But, I guess its a minor plus that Hallmark didnt jump on and sell some of their stake.

      My guess is the stock opens at least 50-75 cents down.

      Its a positive that they are raising cash when the stock is high. Its not a positive if you want the stock to go up today.

      They should have done this the last time the stock was up.

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      • But at a discount to what price? At the time they do an offering the price may be much higher.

      • As small as they are, for a long term investor, these shares are immaterial to me. I WANT them to have the cash to GROW operations. "No selling shareholders", the company gets all the cash!! I honestly view that as POSITIVE. So many offerings today, the company gets very little, to none of the money. I honestly don't see my comments as hype? I really don't care if it moves up or down a couple points, I swing for the fence, such as REGN. My basis is $6 in REGN, and that's before you count trading profit. I want to see PZZI become a 10 bagger (at minimum) or its not worth my time. Really like your eye dropper in to a gallon being half full comment. That's a good one, will have to remember. :-). I do prefer being positive, life is more enjoyable for me that way, but that's just me.

        GLTA ( Longs that is). Should be an interesting couple days.