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  • growbyluck growbyluck May 6, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    Company stores in other markets?

    Any thoughts on where? Houston, Austin, outside of TX? I like that they have a growth strategy that includes company owned stores. While it would be good to see some of those TX markets developed, it would also be cool to see a company hub set up somewhere else so they can spread out from a second base. Anyway, I like this development.

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    • Try Austin and San Antonio...Austin should work....P5 is not viable everywhere as it is....Best with very high volume ped traffic....colleges, business buildings....malls....should be looked at 1st.....They need to revamp for strip mall locations....

    • They have limited funds and the farther you go away from home, the riskier it is.

      Franchising is the smart strategy here. That & paying attention to their Pizza Inn brand which is clearly strugging.
      Postive same store sales at Pizza Inn is WAY more important than diving head first into unfamiliar markets.

      Let others do that. Folks with the management talent & specific market experience.