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  • zambranorick zambranorick May 9, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    If Only You Could "Taste" the Numbers

    When I first saw a Pie 5 open in my neighborhood, my curiosity was aroused. I checked into it only to find that it was owned by Pizza Hut. (Instant Turnoff) As I read more, I learned that Pie 5 was not typical of what Pizza Hut had been producing. The reviews looked good. The concept looked even better. Before investing, I decided to try the product. For those of you who have not tried this pizza, I could understand how current reports can detour you from being long PZZI, especially when compared to Dominoes, Papa Johns, etc.
    There is no comparison. Pie 5's pizza is amazingly delicious and surprisingly light. These other pizza places are of no comparison. Pie 5 has the product and concept. One thing the report failed to state was the obvious. When a company launches a new product, it does not typically see profits instantly as start up costs must be taken into consideration. This includes marketing. Ask 10 friends if they've heard of Subway. 10 out 10 will say yes. Ask the same 10 friends if they've heard of Pie 5. There is no doubt in my mind that Pie 5 will eventually have the same reputation as Subway. I agree this stock got ahead of itself. Current price seems much more appropriate. Like I said, it's too bad you can't taste the numbers.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I have a friend who knows the Florida market. He feels strongly that PIE5 first franchise will be in the Port Orange area. The owner of Stonewoods has a store in Port Orange and a Stonewoods on the beach in Daytona. Every restaurant that goes in Port Orange does a whopping business. They can place first stores in prime areas. If done right this will explode.

      Company needs to look at Birmingham, AL restaurants do real well their in certain area. Great move today. I waited like others to land some yesterday and have several friends that also bought yesterday.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Yeah cuz the numbers 'tasted' like poop.

      In fact if you read the Yelp reviews instead of your suspect own you'll find that people in general like Pie Five but plenty find it mediocre and you certainly don't see the kind of raves you'd expect if they were really on to something.

    • Its a "prebaked" crust.

      That speeds up cooking times.

      Nothing that anyone & everyone cannot copy.

    • This is true. I too have tried Pie 5's pizzas and it is nothing short of spectacular. It doesn't taste like your typical fast food chain pizzas. It tastes like your quality ingredient wood fire pizzas that come from quality restaurants or authentic pizzerias. How the heck they do it in 5 minutes is beyond me, but the taste literally leaves me craving their pizzas all the time! I haven't invested in PZZI yet but it sure looks like a great time to start!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy