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  • networthdev networthdev Jul 11, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Pizza Inn "EXPRESS"

    Is this a new concept? More like Subway, but with "delco style, as someone on this board has been dreaming about, and said they would take notice, when PZZI offered? :-)

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    • Great news. Grow this company on two fronts. Express and P5. The key is to keep the overhead costs low. Good-bye to huge brick and mortar buildings. Anyone know the franchise fees for an express and royalty fees? We all were focused on P5 and now we find out they have another growth story. Should have jumped on this news.

      The company given the responsibility of raising the $3M, maybe using this time to sell some of those shares into the market. 2014 should be a very busy year with grand openings everywhere. I figure they will put a P5 near every location that you see a Five Guy's hamburgers. Now throw in the express stores in more convient areas and you have a one,two punch.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pizza Inn "EXPRESS" was the name they were originally going to use for what is now Pie Five. Market Research told them the name sucked and people associated it with pizza thats been sitting under a heat lamp for hours.
      You'd know that if you'd do anything besides hype the #$%$ out of it.

    • Nope, not new. Just checked their website and PZZI offer "Delco" style franchises. How about that. :-)