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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Oct 11, 2013 2:41 AM Flag

    Why are they relocating a store ? How long was it open ? Was it losing money ?

    “We were doing well at Knox; but the truth is, it just wasn’t an easily accessible location,” said Smith. “By moving just a bit further north to Greenville Ave., we’ll be able to serve a whole lot more Pie Five fans!”

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    • Relax Francis.

    • There were 2 others sites mention by store personal that will be re-locating soon.......a total of 3 and thats what was heard.....could be more.....The one up north near a campus is a dud....All the kids go elsewhere for the summer and there is plenty of more than the normal pizza competition nearby. Frico is quite busy since there is no competition, yet.....they are building out that way like mad....1 of the fastest growning town's in the USA....Another one that may be re-located is the one in south Ft. W, don't have my notes...the one south of 7th St., I believe.....Lots....lots of competition within less than a 5 min walk.....Wing Stop, SmashBurger, Chipolte, Jimmy Johns.etc....etc...etc...must be 12 others in 1-2 blocks......You put a Pie Five in a Subway setting and I am back in...

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      • Denn56k loves pie five and PZZI. So obvious. Just shut up and buy in. You are going to miss a big run up wasting your time working this board with cheesy/dumb negatively biased posts. Buy PZZI now and get to say you got in on the next chipotle when Pie Five had under 20 units. Management is working hard to improve everything all the time, don't forget. People love the food. People love the concept.

    • I think I read that the move had to do with available parking limitations and customer traffic potential that was limiting store performance so they moved it....very wise

    • Knox was the 3rd P5 store and opened in Nov 2011. This was a Charlie Morrison store. So location decision not made by current management. Sounds like this is a better location. Looks like current management is fixing previous mistakes and moving on.