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  • randle_pink randle_pink Feb 26, 2014 10:12 PM Flag

    Michael and Other Longs

    I am a quiet long, but am quite familiar with PZZI and this message board. Just wanted to say thanks to those of you that have contributed meaningful posts. Also, I visited a North Dallas Pie5 this evening at 7:15PM. Ticket #10183. Enjoy doing the math...I did!! I only spent $11, but was quite excited to wait 5 minutes in line and see the guy in front of me buying dinner for his wife and three daughters. By the way, the demographics were perfect. Two-thirds of the crowd was under 18 and the mom of a ten year old behind me said, "are you going to get your usual...". Anecdotal, yes, but 183rd ticket on a random Wednesday is basic math.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I stopped at the P5 on Sunday. Was ticket 10147 3:05PM. This morning I got a call from another investor, his son visit this same store last night. His son stood in line for 40 minutes around 5:30PM, it was so busy. Glad to hear the Dallas store was also hovering around the 200 receipt for the day. I only spent $2.01. Had a free pie with my points.

      Earnings should be pretty good for the first quarter since they lost four executives. No work no expense. If they have some severance pay on the earnings statement this next report, then we will know these guys were asked to leave. Bikeweek starts in Daytona in a few weeks, I hope they get the word out to the bikers. Some 300K bikers roll in for the 10 day event. Will Den56kk be setting up his booth in Daytona?

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      • "Earnings should be pretty good for the first quarter since they lost four executives. "

        In two quick notes, weather most likely impacted revenue in the current quarter. All geo areas where P5 stores are located experienced more than one significant winter storm. Dallas area back to back ice stores, KC area back to back 12 inch snows and Charlotte also had back to back winter storms. Since I live in Charlotte, the weather impacted at least 5 revenue days. In addition, and since most PInn stores are located in the southeast, inclement weather is all regions most likely impacted sales there as well. Something to keep in mind in the next earnings report.

        In regards to executive departures, the advisory service agreement with NCM offsets any cost savings like a lack of payroll. Shareholders aside, one must think how those franchise holders who have committed millions feel about the departures. NCM stepping in lends some comfort and support. The agreement free's up those who remain at PInn to focus on the business while the management staffing crossover with NCM can handle every day stuff like financial reporting etc.. IMO, there is more than meets the eye like NCM assessing "strategic alternatives" but only time will tell.

        To close, I'm plan on visiting the P5 store in Mathews in the next few days. In addition, some local PInn stores over the next couple of weeks.

      • Nothing compares to Sturgis............Not even close....Nothing......Sturgis gets 2X the "bikers" as Daytona.............By the way....I am to busy doing leg work in regards to Pie Five................Today I visited 4 store....Including 2 new stores that opened since last summer....The Southlake and Alliance Town Center stores.......They (Pie Five) seemed to have settled on a certain look now....that being the one with the 2 x 10's hangings off the ceiling...and a red drop down wall above the preap area/counter.......Nothing else spectacular....a few new wall signs/posters, no mechanical hand or elements signs....ATC had no tall tables and SL had many but they were not divided and wider......An improvement was the "order and pu" signs ...No longer were the hung on wires or chains....they were attached to the wall with 2 round metal pipes with covers on the wall and the pizza pan signs was attached to a piece of round board....Much nicer appearance. ...I also talked to a District manager and a few store managers......At SL they were conducting the second and final day of a blind taste test for a new crust......Participants were from an on-line sign up and after testing each participant was given 2 coupons for free pizzas.......And no, I did not participate.....Also noted was that they pulled back the ovens, once in the middle of the prep line, to the rear wall and put the salad fixins section in its place as not to interrupt the communication between the customers and the staff along the order line.. ....Neither of the two new sites had video menu boards or tv's.........I did mention to the District manager that IMO they should offer large pizza and should offer other food items food....perhaps burrito's-stromboli/calzone and/or wings.........and go-go girls..............