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  • darnstockmarket darnstockmarket Dec 10, 2006 9:52 AM Flag

    did ak and union meet friday?

    this is confusing me. i thought they were to meet but I can't find any news articles on it. Anybody know if the two sides met friday and what happened? tia

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    • yes they did meet.

    • It appears that no matter what the company or the union present as offers in negotiations, they are turned down by both.
      As I understand it, the union wants control of contracting out work and better benefits package. The union officals have wore the company out in the past with "contracting out" issues. The company will never agree to anything that takes them out of control. AKS management will not give into the union contract language concerning anything.
      The old contract offered by AKS is still on the table. The only thing that may be negotiable is the return to work details, whether or not the union members will work with the replacement workers, many of the replacement workers are former AKS management retirees. I see little movement on this too. AKS wants the hourly people trained by the replacement workers. Replacement workers are keeping the plant running without union support.
      My take is the union members better swallow their pride and take what's offered. Their negotiation team is sad, ill prepared for meetings leading to less meeting opportunities. These union guys are living in the past when unions had some clout. Not anymore, my take is the company does not want many of the union members back because of bad attitudes. The union is getting smaller with less financial resources. We will see what the future brings.
      I did discuss company takeover or buyout with some investor friends and they said no interest in AKS or any part of it has been presented or suggested. Stock owners are pumping to dump next week when the truth comes out.

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