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  • aunt_pricilla aunt_pricilla Jan 28, 2007 7:59 AM Flag

    Good Morning

    Our president sent our soldiers into Iraq without a clear mission. Our president created a financial, military and moral dilemma for our nation and now we are talking about the terrible Iraq war as our problem. The people of Iraq are now forgotten. Their country has been destroyed: 650,000 casualties, the shredding of the social fabric of the nation, civil war, lack of access to food, shelter, electricity, clean drinking water and health care because this our president, with the active participation of the Congress, authorized a terrible war without reason, without conscience, without international law.

    There are 140,000 troops remaining in Iraq right now. What about them? When will they come home?

    Please pray on this day that there will soon be an end to this terrible war that our president created.

    Enjoy your coffee,
    Aunt P

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    • < you are a phony aun pris!!!!!!!!! >

      English... please, y'all???

    • and you are a phony aun pris!!!!!!!!!

    • and your iq is ZERO.....why is it we havent had another 9/11??????

    • Regarless who was the President of USA, to keep our country SAFE ,he has to attack Irag and any other countries .We all feel verry bad for the lost of our men/women out there to protect our country .We all must support our president .

    • why dont you go move to another country ..any country you big moutg swooshing idiot ant priss!!!

    • why dont you go move to another country ..any country you big moutg swooshing idiot ant priss!!!

    • How many came from Iraq. ZERO. How many had even been to Iraq in the last 5 years. ZERO. My security or freedom was never in danger from anyone in Iraq. Your theory is based on the lies spread by GWB and Cheney. Thinking Americans know better than to listen to you or the fear mongering GOP that spread BS like honey for you to lap up.

      Thinking Americans know everything you know is WRONG.

    • <Your rantings are so extreme you are an excellent candidate for the ignore button. >

      Your acknowledgemnt of defeat is accepted and processed. Thank you.

    • definitely dumb...

      Confession: I am just a little to the right of Atilla the Hun.

      You are a pretty typical brain washed ultra liberal who takes historical events out of context to create and justify an absurd ideology called liberalism.

      I doubt that you are a woman as your page suggests (if so, probably a "butch") and question that you are even a US citizen.

      Your rantings are so extreme you are an excellent candidate for the ignore button. Tata.

    • <move from discussing Reagan (probably the greatest president ever) to Bush (maybe the most decisive president ever), skipping over Clinton >

      You're nothing more than a right-wing zumbie and GOP apologist. Reagan armed Saddam's Iraq. Rumsfeld provided all the bio-chemical WMDs to the regime. Then, Bush Sr. was the Vice President. Saddam used the chemical weapons on both the Iranians and the Kurds courtesy of Rumsfeld, perhaps in not so many words, under Rumsfeld's tacit instructions.

      Why would the White House signal the puppet regime in Baghdad to execute Saddam and his half brother before the Kurdish Massacre trial even began? To hush things up and "take out" the key witnesses.

      The Reagan Administration also trained the Talibans and Osama Bin Laden. It appraisingly endeared them as "freedom fighrers". Almost sound like we now call the veterans, doesn't it? The exact same "freedom fighters" you right-wing radicals now brand as the so-called "terrorists". You right-wingers spin lies faster than Bill O'Reilly and Hannity combined.

      Yes, the Talibans and Al Qadeda were your buddies. They were trained in how to use our taxpayer money to kill us, you included. They were trained in how to use our taxpayer paid Stinger missles to aim at us and our planes. The same GOP-led Administration made them the victors and installed them in Kabul. Then, the GOPers and Al Qaeda were wearing the same pants, and giving each other high fives.


      It was a pure GOP and Republican legacy.

      You're clearly as blind as a bet. But, as a right-wing Republican, can anyone be surprised? There is no thinking American amongst the Republicans.

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