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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Jul 28, 2008 12:52 PM Flag

    Longbow? upgrades the stock. They must really

    need to get some good clients out at a higher price after the big decline.

    More steel mills being built all around the world right NOW.

    Maybe a good short term buy for some bounce, but long term looks like a poor buy to me.

    Longbow. I guess everybody can be an analyst now.

    With that in mind: Bigg Redd Rocket downgrades to sell.

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    • If I were you I would sell now and buy back in the AM

    • what a silly phuck. go back and look what CFC's rating was a year and a half ago.

      btw, aks sales outside of us were 13% in 2007. aks number 1 client is GM, 10% of sales. good luck raising prices to these guys.

      also good luck when harbinger sells out of this one. they were down 20% mid month, gosh that was close!

    • Reality is the main reason I overlook all those "ratings", plus the contrarian in me.

      Remember, these are the same guys that said housing had bottomed over a year ago, said the financials had bottomed in April and said the economy would rebound in early 2008.

      Listen to these pundits at your own peril. They HAVE to upgrade to hopefully get those bonuses.

    • are going to review and give AKS an upgrade, so please short it, Mr. Negative

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      • Abslutely NOWHERE does it say they are going to give AKS an upgrade.

        It says they are going to review. Now, that said, it is a positive. But the reality of the facts are this--the things they are going to review don't look real rosey and may actually be in the process of getting worse.

        As to the the poster who said I don't back up my statement on new mills with facts. Do some research. All the new mills being built worldwide will scare the hell out of you. Huge new up to date mills with all the bells and whistles in China, the middle east, India, Eastern Europe, Brazil........ Do some DD yourself. I can't do it all for you.

    • And what gives you a right for the sell, it is heading to 65 before 40, AKS has pricing power

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      • Sure, every company has pricing power. Everyone of them.

        Not that people will buy when the price goes up, but they all have pricing power.

        I believe that ALL the new mills being built at a time when demand is slowing in many place will create a huge glut.

        That said, as I said, he may be a good short term buy. I am a long term guy and I believe long term they are going to be hurting.

        Also I see no bounceback in car sales, which will hurt them also.

        Longbow? Who the hell is longbow. Sounds like somebody that sells target or hunting bows or something. Longbow are obsolete. The American Indian used longbows, and that did not turn out real well for them.

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