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  • georgejabbs georgejabbs May 8, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Are you happy with $3.50?

    You shouldn't be.

    Wainscott and the board are window dressing, hoping that you will vote your shares in favor of everything on the proxy ballot. Until this is $4.60+, you are likely experiencing losses when considering your highest-cost tax lots. In other words, your selling here is STILL a profit for short sellers. This is why I strongly recommend you day trade this stock. The range has been fairly easy to find. You can't go wrong if the bullish channel persists.

    Also, if you are selling into this rally, you are LOSING voting power! So if you plan to keep selling, then vote now while you still have a lot of shares. You should be voting AGAINST if you want to change this management team. Shaking things up may be just what the doctor ordered.

    Keep holding those HOLD shares. Let the short sellers cover. As you can see, they are taking their sweetass time. But make no mistake, if they were perspiring before, they are probably feeling sweat dribble down into their eyes by now.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • George,

      I am finally in the black today if it holds. $3.54 avg cost on my shares and I am holding! Sector rotation in cyclicals going on right now. It started a few weeks ago when GS stated they were going long global equities. You would be a fool to sell this now. Holding until $15 plus on my shares.

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      • Awesome! Feels good now, right? Easier to breathe too ;-)

        It's never foolish to trade, have some fun. Takes the boredom out of this game. I've been selling into this rally. Bought huge under $3. Will buy back if Goldilocks takes it lower. They probably won't. Don't really care. This is play money. My sells are going to help push this higher. Still have the bulk of AKS (my hold shares) intact and locked up with the key in an envelope that says "Do not open 'til $15"

        Sentiment: Hold

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