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  • hugeman99 hugeman99 Nov 9, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Investing strategy of current OHRP share holders

    I'm curious as to the strategy of the various people who post regularly here.

    It sounds as if you guys want the story of OHRP and Squalamine to gain wide spread attention at this point in an effort to see the price go up ahead of interim results. Do you guys have full positions or will you add on the way up as data release approaches?

    Historically I would prefer the story remain an unknown on Wall St until the data comes out. I've seen too many hyped up biotechs get bid up to high levels ahead of data, then even if news is good the stock valuation is so high your probability of buying more stock and catching a 20 bagger is quite low.

    Under my scenario the stock may rise modestly, but not outrageously ahead of data. If the data is truly exceptional I'll back up the truck (might even rent a second truck) with OHRP stock at what I think will still be a quite low valuation and a real chance of catching a 20 bagger.

    I believe it will take a day or even a week for Wall St to grasp the significance of Squalamines potential. It takes some time for analysts, money managers, finanacial reporters, individual investors, and overbearing loud mouths (Jim Cramer) to see and get up to speed on this kind of story to the point where they are willing to put money into it.

    A good example is Serepta, SRPT (old AVII Biopharma) and their drug eteplirsen for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. AVII had been around forever (kind of like Squalamine) everyone had forgotten about the company, only diehards and DMD sufferers cared. AVII had about a $100MM market cap and was at $3.50 when news of efficacy was announced premarket. People who knew what it meant were buying all morning in the premarket at less than $5. It opened a little above $7 and you could have bought the stock for less than $9 for a week or more. A month later the stock was $15, two months later it was $40. If-when they get FDA approval it will probably hit $100.

    To be continued.......

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    • I only followed AVII loosely and because they had to exclude outlier patients to show statistical significance I didn't buy any ( I actually thought about shorting, that would have hurt). People familiar with Duchenne muscular dystrophy will tell you it was legit to toss the ouliers. They were the smart ones.

      I could see OHRP following a similar path unless of course the story gets picked up and spreads.

      I think there is more low risk money to be made under the unknown story versus OHRP getting some attention in the near term.

      Of course I'm biased. I only have a modest position in OHRP and I set in front of these screens all day. I have news alerts set for OHRP and I can own every cheap share of OHRP selling in the premarket within a few seconds (unless I'm in the kitchen getting a coffee). I'm guessing most of you guys aren't in my position.

      If the story remains undiscovered, I still think the stock price will give ample opportunity to allow all of us working together on this board the chance to grab a potential 20 bagger with very low downside risk.

      All that said, I won't be sharing Livermore's new information on any other forums. People who do their homework will figure things out.

      Each of us has our own strategy. If you guys really want this story to get some traction prior to interim data, you just need to have Livermore write a good quality article for Seeking Alpha and title it 'The Chances of OHRP being a 20 Bagger Just Got a Whole Lot Better!' Guys on SeekingAlpha lap that kind of stuff up. Especially when you post links to the eyedocs web site.

      I bid good investing to all of you!

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      • Hello hugeman. My investing style is..well I'm an opportunistic momentum trader every few years. My only constant investments are index funds and real estate because I can't traded them. When I do invest, I choose just one sector or company and hold the position for a few months. I'm not disciplined at all or able to deal with distraction. My livelihood is seeing patients. But my thrill has been squalamine for many years. I knew that it could be a huge thing (same with trodusquemine) if delivered and dosed correctly. I jumped into OHRP 2 years ago with about 1/2 of the money I had, using the other half to buy an office building we practice in. That amount has tripled in OHRP and I feel that we have a huge winner with about a 90% probability I had followed squalamine when Genaera owned it and developed mathematical models of dosing and response that convinced me that squalamine was highly effective if dosed right, as is trodusquemine.

        I like to teach and I find that squalamine eye drops are a teaching vehicle.

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