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  • intheendiwillwin intheendiwillwin Jul 23, 2012 9:24 PM Flag


    I thought that she would have the nerve for a "Steel-Cage Death-Match-Of-Words" with Debra??-------Looks like Faithrn bailed out of a "Sinking Ship" LOL!!

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    • Sounds good. I truely hope your optimism pays off for you as it will also pay off for me. I was very optomistic when I bought my shs. due to the headlines and "the plan" the co. had to grow this co. but my optomism has turned to pessimism. All the DD in the world does not help if it's based on lies.

    • Well, as I have posted in my other posts, I'm waiting for the quarterly results, I'm waiting for the results of the pilot program with Promise healthcare, I'm waiting for the results of the Medefile Iberia results from Spain, I'm waiting for the results from the partnering with Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches. All of these have been posted as headlines on yahoo finance. All of these have been after the reporting of the first quarter. I'm also waiting for the results of the Sec/Stuttgart situation. There are a lot of things we will not know until the 2nd quarter results come out. I hope the numbers are good, as I have posted the numbers may be bad but with all they have going on tho I truly am not seeing a bankruptcy situation.

    • I agree with most of what you said. My Dr. uses a service like that. A few months ago she sent me to see a Dr. for a second opinion on something and when I got to her office she went online to look at my records. It's a wonderful service. The problem is this: There are many companies offering this service and the industry is growing fast but it seems MDFI can't get any of the customers (many customers at that). Why is it that in a rapidly growing industry this co. had $13,000 income last quarter? Why is it that in a rapidly growing industry this co. has a PPS of .0004? I originally bought this stock because of the business they're in but they're not moving forward at all, this co. is moving backwards if they're moving at all. Why would a business that's established be in such bad shape? Why do they not have the customer base they should have by now? These are the questions Tammy and his boyfriend should be asking.

    • Hi to all longs and to the inquiring minds that want to know,

      No I have not gone anywhere if the longs are wondering. I'm with MDFI for the long haul. It is on the back burner and a long holding stock for me and my family. MDFI has an excellent product, HIPAA compliant and IMO, I strongly believe in the technology MDFI has. Being in the health field myself I see this technology being very useful for the consumer who wants a copy of their own medical record with them. The best thing, MDFI updates your files for you, I like that option. I believe by 2014, when all medical records need to be online by law, we may see a whole different picture. I and my family and friends are willing to wait and see what the focus of that picture will be. Now in reguards to the MDFI cruise, I am still looking forward to that happening and meeting all the wonderful people on this board who I have had the pleasure of chatting with for a few years now. Keep your eye on MDFI folks and Keep the faith....LONG AND STRONG WITH ALL THE OTHER LONGS!!!!!!
      Faith RN

    • I'm holding (still not selling) waiting for the 2nd quarter results. 2nd quarter results due out 8/15/2012. We shall see the numbers then. Anyone thinking of investing in this stock should wait and read the posting. That's whats called due diligence. I may see that the numbers are horrible, who knows, I may see the numbers are good. At this point with the short trading and the Stuttgart situation I am waiting to see exactly what is going on. I have reached out to Elite, I have not received an answer yet, so know I am reaching out to those that keep saying the company is a scam, that we have to look at the top shareholder, that the company is going into bankruptcy. If any of you that posts these things, please enlighten me as to your info, I have already posted my email, if you aren't comfortable posting in the board, please email me, let me know what you know. Thanks all

    • Yeah, its too bad that her MDFI cruise ship sank at the pier.

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