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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Aug 9, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    If someone

    In Germany is stupid enough to buy this POS for more than it's worth then they will lose their money and learn the hard way. If they are too stupid enough to not see what this is why should anyone feel bad for those idiots.

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    • Why do you feel bad for people that buy this stock here? That is why you are here isn't it? To keep people from buying?

      So are you saying we should treat the Germans differently than people in this country?

      You are all over the place. And for the record, I never once told a lie on this board. For some reason you seem to enjoy covering up you mistakes by getting my ID's booted. That's fine because I don't care.

      All one ha to do is look at your posting history to see that you aren't exactly who you say you are. Not my problem - you have to live with yourself.

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