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  • irwingaffin irwingaffin Jul 26, 2010 10:26 AM Flag

    No downside from 0.50 longterm

    All the small regionals and spec stocks in general are on a little roll. Should last as long as the market keeps going up. This will see 0.70s in no time. I imagine this week. Only downside is BK which after carefully analyzing the Q2 report, is not possible. Long-term this is a great hold and will see $2+ within a year or so.

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    • ericfoster67 Jul 26, 2010 12:51 PM Flag

      I don't think you could take even one of my posts and call it venom. My negative posts pale in the venom from many of the longs on this board. Time will tell with this company - it's having a nice day today for sure. 13% is good in anybodys book. But I'd be careful before thinking it's off to the races! There are still alot of lingering issues that many bury their heads regarding. But, congrats on a very good day.
      Just drop the whole axe to grind thing Ed. I have no axe to grind. My arting was mutal and pertained to some poutside buisiness that Im now devoting myself quasi full time to. Being a full service broker is, as an industry, changing and coming to an end (at least in it's current form). How many on here use a full service broker? I don't. I trade with nearly no cost at E-Trade and most on here use a similar platform. Full service brokerage is similar to brick and morter travel agents. Who still uses a travel agent when you can book your trips faster and cheaper using an online provider? Long clarification but the point is that you know nothing abvout me nor my situatuion with PRWT, to make a statement that I have an axe to grind is nonsense. I like the people there very much and think the company has a chance to survive (the poster that mentioned less than 1% chance for the company to fall to the FDIC was a ridiculous statement) WITH the right leadership. Jamie Dimon could turn it around but he comes with a pretty high price tag so what they need is an up and coming Jamie Dimon.

    • Thats real smart Eric LOL. Bash at 0.50 then buy at 0.70. Makes alot of sense. You are going to make alot of money trading. hahaha

    • ericfoster67 Jul 26, 2010 12:39 PM Flag

      .70 on really big volume? I'd probably take a bite.

    • ericfoster67 Jul 26, 2010 11:19 AM Flag

      only downside is BK? How many banks taken over have filed BK prior to seizure? I can't think of any. If BK ever became a reality the bad (FDIC seizure) would have already come to fruition.