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  • stxkevster stxkevster Mar 8, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    WPRT stock scam...sell, folks. It's heading to $10

    I doubt it can drop to $10 anytime soon.

    They just pulled 5M new shares out of their arse and were able to sell them for $43

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    • sold them for $43 when the price was $48. lol

      Regardless, AMSC did an offering at $18. Stock shot to $43+ on nothing but losses...nearly $1 billion of them to-date. Doesn't matter. The ponzi bubble kept inflating and got pumped on hype and speculators driving up to pump and dump. Well, it took 2-years and me shorting that from $18 to $43, but I kept my $3 target on it. :)

      So I'm not saying $10 tomorrow. Oh no. This hype is Fraud St's flavor of the time just like all the dotcom stocks when earnings/revenues didn't matter and web visits and puppet socks on TV did.

      Stock is strong, no doubt. Wish you guys the best. Just understand this is all speculation and just like FSLR, STP, SPWR, etc. I'm warning you all. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong this time. lol

      Well, I'm amazed that anyone would buy this stock with widening losses. You know Fraud St. is going to sell into any good news as this pee-wee company tries to grow into size 40 shoes. Good luck.

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