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  • kowskis2 kowskis2 Nov 9, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Obama's only hope of something like Energy Independence: Natural Gas

    It's the only dependable energy source, and it's the only practical source, given prices of other sources.

    It's plentiful and is already on the way with CLNE and other NG stations around the country.

    Coal is done, which means NG will be the source for electricity too.

    NG is Obama's only hope to go down in history books in a positive way.

    And... if we ever get into it with Iran, NG will have to be the transportation fuel.

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    • If you think for one moment that Obama will support continued drilling/fracking for NG recovery you are severely mistaken. Obama is anti-fossil fuel energy of all types. Though his wind and solar investments have all failed, he shows no signs of discontinuing.

    • Why attach Obama's name to this??? Why not say it like:
      "AMERICA's only hope of something like Energy Independence: Natural Gas"

      That way, you don't sound like an idiot...

    • Nat/Gas can become his legacy why he doesn't embrace it more is very strange to his hands he can propel the USA to finally grab world attention and get opec out of OUR POCKETS.And instill the pride in AMERICAN'S that is sorely missing as of late.

    • just had his chance
      just said wants clean energy

    • I agree, and expect President Obama to support the movement toward nat gas as a surface fuel more aggressively given that it is happening anyhow (hence low risk policy position) and given the market failure of the EV. He needs to do this fairly soon to avoid appearing blatantly opportunistic.

      He can lend support through the legislative branch, supporting a Nat Gas Act. There are many points he could use to sell it - jobs, national security, tax revenue, cheap fuel, CO2 emissions, foreign trade deficit. He would have to battle certain Republicans beholden to the likes of Exxon (which only wants to export domestic nat gas to Far East) and certain Democrats beholden to the likes of Sierra Club (which wants to end use of fossil fuels now). He could call off his EPA with regard to hydraulic fracturing and put out the word to his friends in the press to publish articles that talk of safer fracking methods being developed.

      He could join the 22 governors who are adopting nat gas as a surface fuel for their state's vehicles and advocate its use with federal vehicles and post office transports.

      He probably will push for a carbon tax which would effectively punish use of gasoline/diesel relative to nat gas which produces 25% less CO2. EV's will still be non-competitive as such a tax will hike electric rates as well (punishing EV's further).

      If Obama does not become more vocal and active in supporting nat gas as a surface fuel, he will, in retrospect, appear to have been out of touch with reality. Will Secretary Chu change his advocacy from EV to nat gas in this second term? I do think he is considering nat gas as the optimal transition fuel until EV's are more competitive. His advice will probably determine Obama's position going forward.

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      • The Republican legislators have consistently rejected almost every Obama proposal put forth, regardless of it's benefit to the nation. And they control the $..period.
        Obama has advocated NG but has been able to do nothing.
        Oil and coal wield enormous influence in the legislatures and pour huge amounts of $ into campaign contributions and lobbying.
        EVs will become competitive as battery technology improves, and that's happening pretty briskly. Still has a way to go.
        NG is necessarily the transition fuel of the near future and i'm betting on it.

    • we can only hope he does the right thing. ..... although it troubles me that he is is so tucked in bed with the tree hugger environmentalists. hopefully he'll be more concerned with his legacy, since he dosen't need to worry about reelection contributions. this country needs for him to do the right thing.

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