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  • michaelkosanovichkosanovich michaelkosanovichkosanovich Nov 18, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    Considering WPRT


    Looking at this company as a spec play in my portfolio. Huge potential along with huge risk. However i do believe nat gas engines will slowly be implemented. First, when i examine a small company i look for three things, Potential in demand, CEO track record in past endeavors, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, do the words of mgmt meet the facts. IN other words, has he or she, for that matter been truthfull with shareholders. My experience has been that if one statement by the ceo does not occur, many many others will follow. The threshold for error is ,small with these companies, Larger companies have a luxury for mistakes. Finally i would also like to mention mgmt compensation., Some Ceo s feel entitled, to enourmous salaries, Shareholder concern is a priority for me as well. Allow me a few days to consider wprt, It intrigues me, Any thoughts would be appreciated by knowlegable people. GOOD LUCK

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    • Been in this stock for a year, still very bullish on this one, although it may take a little time to take off. If you have a longterm outlook, this is a great company. But if you are looking short term, I suggest you look elsewhere. If you can get in on the low 20's it's great. Mind you with a big news, this stock moves up pretty brisk. With all the uncertainties sorrounding the market these days, it's a risky one, but if you are accumulating for the long term, these prices are awesome! I regretted not buying on the $22 - 23 range not too long ago, and it flew all the way up to $28. Now here it goes again ( the dip , I mean) with my year of watching, if you buy on the dips, you are pretty safe!

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      • Keep a close eye on nat gas futures..

        Producers are "venting" excess gas, because they have to much and they feel that this will curb a fall in prices.

        The CEO for Chenier says that "America currently has a 300 year supply of NG" (if drilling ceased today) nat gas might be priced a bit to high right now...

        WPRT has over 14 days short interest (14 days to cover) which means that far to many shares are "sold" than are available (fiat/created shares borrowed) When it pops, we will see a nice squeeze.

        The prices of NG will probably start to fall again. Possibly creating a nice pair trade?

        Short term..

        Short producers and go long WPRT?

        Long term..

        It appears to be a no brainer to get in at this level (should have bought at 23.00) is an easy double by this time next year.

        On the other hand...

        If you want some easy can always short both FAZ and FAS when bad new comes out for the big banks, or the greek soap opera hype floods the news again. (just pick your spots)

        Good luck to all.

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