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  • wayne_lamontagne wayne_lamontagne May 13, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha Author Is Lying

    Checked with Chinese analyst in China and investment analyst in U.S. Both stated that Seeking Alpha article is patently wrong and probably written by short seller author to manipulate stock price.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The author is not a registered representative or a stock analyst. He has something against WPRT or he is short big time or lost his shorts big time. He should not be allowed to post this type of message. Seeking Alpha puts out a disclaimer for these so called geniuses that they have nothing to do with the poster. It is a joke.

    • Where the heck is the SEC with this blatant manipulation?


    • A wise college professor once counseled my class to believe nothing that you hear and 50% of what you read, then check the facts before you accept any conclusion. Cramer, Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha have their own agenda. As for me When someone forces the price belos 28 I start buying immedately. This is not to say that you should too for you may not have the risk tolerance I have.

    • I agree with Wayne and tttuck. No one hold Sa accountable and yahoo gets paid for thier slander articles. Yahoo ought to do a better job screening out the rift raft and making them pay for false statements. WPRT will be a really good buy in the Morning. lets see if the WPRT BoD responds

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • the author states that he is short wprt but does that make him any less responible for reporting the truth? Seeking Alpha does not care if the articles are true or not, all they want is to make money with new subscriptions. Who holds seeking alpha accountable??????????and there in lies the problem.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The author of the article appears to have an agenda. He has written similar negative articles on Uni-Pixel (UNXL) om 1/10/2013 and 3/1/2013. The stock price on each of those dates was at $15 and $21 respectively; today it is trading at $34. His profile is: " I am currently an individual investor with focus on event-driven trading and long-short opportunities. I graduated Emory University in 2009 and is also a finance Phd dropout from UCLA Anderson." Seeking Alpha allows this kind of clown to submit articles???

    • read Weichai Power sale document continuing connected transaction disposal

      • 1 Reply to whassup44
      • its like we are on the clne board
        No looking at facts
        name calling
        This is not normal for this board
        lets talk facts ,not pump or blame or give rosy talk about the stock
        Of coarse I am not talking about whasssup,the rest
        so this person has said that weichai will sell to weichai west port at normal prices
        thats in black and white
        Did we really think with the cost of ng parts coming down and not being as large as % of the whole that we would get the mark up of the engine also in % terms
        If we did they would not use as much
        I am just speaking of China
        We would not be competitive
        Weichai is and will grow weichai west port a lot in the next few years
        It brings volume
        We will let weichai and west port decide how much mark up in the ng part there will be
        This is the most successful part of wprt
        The 12l will allow higher margins than the rest
        This is China
        And in China you need a good product and low cost to be as successful as this
        With out weichai we could have little in China
        I thank west port and weichai for doing a good job
        No it will not be huge % profits
        I am glade to get what we are getting
        When a report like this comes out
        Do not be a ;little kid
        no name calling
        Who cares if he is short
        Talk about the subject in an intelligent way and if you must like me with 3rd grade writing skills

    • jwtrice6 May 13, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

      Investopedia explains 'Short And Distort'
      Due to recent corporate scandals and investor uncertainty, fraudsters have an easier time spreading doom and gloom by claiming that a firm is losing a very costly class action suit or is suffering from low earnings. In order to prevent being conned, investors should do their own due diligence and be critical of the authenticity of news from unverified sources.

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