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  • duggyy duggyy Jun 28, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Westport Acquires Clean Energy's Natural Gas Vehicle Business,

    Westport Acquires Clean Energy's Natural Gas Vehicle Business, BAF Technologies and ServoTech Engineering, to Expand Ford Product Portfolio and Dealership Coverage; Commits $5 Million to Co-Marketing Program with Clean Energy

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    • I'm not sure this one was worth the money/(new stock). Seems that LNG systems are where the big return will be. I can see CNG systems being worth while but until profitable I would rather see WPRT put all it's efforts into making LNG happen for now.

      I would like to know what others think on this subject.

      Still holding. Good to see the move up last week but I don't see any news to account for it so it doesn't mean much. We must see sales growth this quarter, no more sinking revenue.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Truckers want the most cost effective fuel they can obtain and they will determine which fuel is used. CNG is cheaper than LNG and I see continual improvement in the max fuel capacity of CNG trucks. Started out with 50gge and now Quantum has 90gge equivalent systems. I think it was mentioned in the last conference call, a majority of the new 12L engines this quarter would be CNG. With a 20 to 40 cent difference in price of the two fuels, CNG is quite appealing. If that is the case, which I hope it is not, than the large profit margin that Westport is banking on from manufacturing and selling the LNG tanks could be less than expected.

        Still can't wrap my head around using -260F fuel.

      • WPRT's main business, along with their partner Cummins, is the sale of engines that run on NG. Whether the vehicles carry CNG or LNG is for the customer to decide. Vehicles that operate on fairly short runs, such as transit buses and refuse trucks, will use CNG because the equipment, both on the vehicle (especially the tanks) and at the depot, is cheaper. Trucks that operate on long runs will use LNG since more LNG can be carried on the truck because it is denser in terms of energy.

        Maybe what 'dog' is getting at is whether WPRT should be bothering with the light duty segment of the market; e.g. pickup trucks. It seems to me that WPRT is already doing all it can to expand the use of heavy-duty NG vehicles. CWI are now selling the ISX12G engine and WPRT have introduced a new tank system. The light-duty segment offers the opportunity to make a little money but, more importantly, adds to the number of NG vehicles on the roads. The more NG vehicles there are on the roads the more filling stations will offer NG. As more filling stations offer NG, buying NG vehicles becomes a more attractive proposition for trucking companies and the more NG trucks that are sold the more engines CWI sells. The purchase of BAF and ServoTech from CLNE makes sense in so far as it consolidates the expertise with Ford vehicles into one place; this should result in cost savings. For once, there is a Fool article that is actually worth reading entitled 'WPRT and CLNE's latest deal.'

        Regarding the increase in WPRT's share price this week. IMO this is the result of the positive news and comments coming out of the ACT Expo in Washington.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Why has not whether this will pass a monopoly
      Does this increase competition or not
      It decreases competition for shure
      It gives more power to Canada
      I would reject

    • Full article and details at Westport news and events page.

    • I told every one clne was out of money
      this will also help the partnership with Enn
      wprt will use this with enn

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