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  • artzyart321 artzyart321 Jul 1, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Solution to the refueling infrastructure problem

    The major obstacle to the widespread adoption of natural gas vehicles is the lack of an extensive refueling infrastructure. It is a chicken/egg issue. Widespread use of natural gas engines is awaiting the establishment of a widespread fueling station infrastructure, and vice versa.

    Here is a proposal to address the refueling problem. Just as long-range bombers depended on in-air refuelers to extend their range, the highway system can be serviced by MOBILE TANKERS. Truckers will locate or summon these roaming tankers with a phone app.

    Although these mobile tankers would not be a profitable venture, per se, that is not their purpose. The plan is to assure truckers that fuel will be immediately available, anytime, anywhere, while the more permanent time-consuming infra-structure is being built.

    The resultant increase in adoption of natural gas engines, will, in turn, spur the development of the fueling station network. Q.E.D.

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    • wprt already has a temporary system

    • Why not build skids that house the storage tank and the pumps and set them up at the truck
      stops. Trucks could resupply them.

    • Its not only the availability of cng or lng
      Its also its price
      One of the perts of the price is how far to ship
      so you need a lot of lng plants or piped to station
      So tell you get these than stations are not built as much
      Why do truckers not convert?
      If the price was50 cents less they would
      Well when you have closer lng plants and volume the price will be cheaper
      next year we will see the plants announced and will take time to build
      So we are a while away from large scale use

    • CNG not LNG

      Trillium CNG is expanding its compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling network with plans to build 101 public access Class 8 accessible CNG stations in 29 states by 2016. The site locations are based on customers' demands that CNG stations be built near their key shipping lanes off of major interstate highways.
      "Natural gas is abundant, U.S. produced, burns cleaner and significantly less costly than diesel," said Mary Boettcher, president of Trillium CNG. "The expansion of our CNG fueling infrastructure will make compressed natural gas available to a greater number of fleets traveling busy commercial trucking routes. New stations will contribute to making natural gas the preferred fuel of choice in the U.S."
      Trillium CNG's core business is providing ultra-fast CNG fueling solutions for heavy-duty fleets requiring high performance solutions. Its business model for public access stations consists of securing a fuel purchase agreement with an anchor customer for each station location. Trillium offers a flexible business model to meet a wide range of customer needs for both public access and private CNG fueling locations.
      There are about 120,000 natural gas vehicles on U.S. roads today and interest in CNG fueling is growing. "Traditional service stations and convenience stores view compressed natural gas as a welcome addition to their portfolio of fuels," Boettcher said.
      Trillium's CNG station expansion plans include these states:
      Alabama (2), Arizona (2), Arkansas (2), California (3), Colorado (1), Florida (7), Georgia (4), Illinois (6), Indiana (5), Iowa (2), Kansas (1), Kentucky (4), Louisiana (3), Maryland (1), Michigan (2), Minnesota (5), Mississippi (1), Missouri (2), Nebraska (1), Nevada (1), New York (4), North Carolina (2), North Dakota (1), Ohio (8), Pennsylvania (6), South Carolina (2), Tennessee (4), Texas (14), Wisconsin ( 5).

    • Hey Dumb #$%$.....that is what a company like CLNE is for...

      • 1 Reply to mgrahn69
      • "Hey Dumb #$%$.....that is what a company like CLNE is for.."

        LOL.......MY GAWD, you are a genius!!!!!
        what a tool...
        (You get a gold star and a happy face sticker for pointing that out)

        Lets put this in a way you might understand.... until Dairy Queen (CLNE) builds an ice cream shop (installs a refuel point) within range of all of the kids on bikes ( its product seekers) It would be a good idea in the mean time to send a few ice cream trucks out to satisfy the need and solidify an ongoing hook/desire for more NOW .... It's marketing 101 buddy.... otherwise you just have to wish and wait for a DQ to be built near you

        TBP and others like him are in a position to make shrewd ideas like this happen.

        no, don't bother...

    • The "loss" on this idea is similar to the delivery of fracking sand in ND. The right grade of sand is being mined as far away as Wisconsin and being shipped out to ND. No doubt this is a huge temporary loss for the time being.

    • Excellent idea!!! T-Boone, how about it?

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