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  • wayne_lamontagne wayne_lamontagne Jun 20, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    Russia and Iraq & Spread

    The European response to Russia's incursion into Ukraine and the current sectarian violence in Iraq all point to one unequivocal conclusion: Country energy independence is the way towards prosperity, which saliently implies the enhancement of natural gas use in the transportation sector. Higher oil prices will result in the diesel to natural gas spread to widen. It is already very economically feasible to convert to natural gas engines and will become more so as we move into the future. In addition, many top scientists are stating that natural gas needs to be immediately used as a bridge fuel as we migrate towards greatly increased nuclear energy to help prevent the ramifications of climate change.

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    • the spread increasing by 3-5% wont hurt
      but the large things to watch are the nat gas act which sadly can be a +/- since everyone might be waiting to see if it happens before they go out and buy a nat gas truck only to have their friends get a free one the next day or so to speak

      even if it doesnt happen it might possibly make the waiters act

      next the cost is 40k for a class 8 aka the only category that matters by and large "i dont know why people convert any other vehicle whatsoever since class 8 is 1-2.5yr ROI and the ford 250 is like a - ROI but w/e"

      that cost might be coming down DRASTICALLY remember the 9L that went from 40k to 20k roughly at present over 3 years, and look WM and trash services have gone WILD over it switching HUGE portions of their fleet because the fuel is safer,secure,significantly cleaner, and HALF AS EXPENSIVE!

      the idiots will catch on eventually and why shouldnt they grab this 1-2.5yr ROI when their #$%$ companies only post dividends of

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    • this is all well and good for wprt, I have given up on the do nothings in washington and
      instead am looking at wprt for its world exposure, the work with cummins is good and
      will give a nice profit but I think the money will be made from the big picture

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