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  • Why is the stock tanking right now? Is it because of the increased gas prices forecast for this summer?

    --first post, new to the stock market game.

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    • <<Why is the stock tanking right now? Is it because of the increased gas prices forecast for this summer?>>

      This is a fairly illiquid stock. 30 cent swings are quite common place. There are some people ot there which are trying to put 100k share blocks together. This has been going on for several days. They will not chase the stock, but the absence of any real volume indicates there aren't many willing sellers so the waiting game ensues.

      Just watch - as quickly as this goes down it can go the other way. Patience in 2006 will be rewarded in 2007 and 2008. Gas will have very little effect on this stock.

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      • Thanks for the information- I've noticed you seem to be fairly knowledgable on this board.

        My brother-in-law works for GCFB, so I picked some shares up (looking toward the future) more or less for fun, but also because the growth and sales potential of GCFB is great. Like you, I expect 2007 and 2008 to be the years Granite City stock really takes off.

        I wholly expect GCFB to do excellent sales in the Twin Cities - especially once the Rosedale store opens.
        ..btw, love their food and beer, as we usually eat at the Sioux Falls, SD or Lincoln, NE restaurants. Wish they could get their real estate issues straightened out and get the Omaha location finalized already. Rumors had been flying about one opening here for a couple years now.

        As far as gas prices go, I guess I was expecting increased fuel prices (resulting in more expensive produce, deliveries, etc) to drive up overhead costs for the restaurant business. Must not be as big a factor as I figured...

        -It'd be great to have the cash on hand to buy 100k blocks, wouldn't it?


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